18 Weeks – Take Two

It feels strange to be doing this again, but here we go. I’m 18 weeks pregnant already! Holy cow. In the midst of this week I planned posts on our great snowshoeing adventure last week and how running is different this time around, but life and work got the best of me. This one was easy for me to do though because it required only one picture and since it’s all about my growing belly and baby, easy to write.

18 weeks

Weight Gain to Date: I think I’m at about 5-6 pounds. I’m pretty close to where I was last time around, but I started off weighing a few pounds less. I don’t know if it’s because I have a previous pregnancy to compare this one to, but I’m way more conscious about weight gain this time around.

Belly Button in or out: In. No signs of it popping out any time soon.

Baby Size: Sprout (as I started calling it) is now the size of a sweet potato, 5.6 inches long and weighing in at about 6.7 ounces. 

New Developments: Sprout is yawning, hiccupping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking, and swallowing.

Cravings: A lot of the same things, though after an overdose of Flaming Hot Cheetos a few weeks ago, I haven’t had the craving again. I gave up sweets for Lent so I’m jonesing for a fix. More than one particular food, I have random cravings that I have to have satiated immediately.

Food aversions: Mexican food. Chipotle I can do, but real Mexican, no thank you.

Feeling: Feeling good!  After the stomach flu, I’m on the mend. No headaches or nose bleeds this time.

Sleep: I’m sleeping well, when I actually fall asleep. I usually doze off on the couch around 9pm. Of course when I get up to bed I cannot go back to sleep for at least an hour. I’m really exhausted this time around but again, pretty sure it’s due to the fact I don’t have lots of time for after work napping these days.

Movement: Yes!  I started feeling the popping sensation way back at 14-15 weeks. In just the past week or so it’s gotten a lot stronger and I’ve actually felt it on the outside. Poor Josh keep trying to feel it but this stubborn one never kicks when Josh has his hand on my belly. 

Gender: We don’t know yet, but for some reason I think it is a boy. My unscientific assessment is due to my belly being lower this time and my having more morning sickness. We’ll see in just over two weeks.

Maternity Clothes: This week I wore my first maternity pants. I’m wearing all my normal clothes, but in a pinch when I had five minutes to pack for our sales conference, I grabbed a pair of jeans I wore last weekend and a pair of maternity jeans just in case. As it turns out, those jeans wouldn’t button. Since I just had a fitted shirt to wear, and it would be obvious my pants were unbuttoned, I opted for the maternity jeans. I’m definitely in that odd stage where I’m starting to outgrow my clothes, but am too small for maternity.

Running: Still going strong! I even got up early during our sales conference to run. I did five miles on Tuesday and four miles on Wednesday. I’m hoping to do a long run this weekend. Pie in the sky goal – 10 miles. We’ll see how that goes. I’m just happy to be running at all because I had stopped by this point in my pregnancy with Ella.

For Comparison (here’s 18 weeks last time): I’m feeling a lot less stressed about little things this time around. I don’t analyze every single tiny ache or pain, or freak out when I don’t feel movement for a little while. It’s nice to know this time around what is normal and when I should actually be concerned.

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