Happy St. Patrick’s Day

       DSC05888Yesterday we drove down to Denver to take in the annual St.Patrick’s Day Parade. My coworker has an amazing loft downtown right along the parade route. We had a perfect view as the floats went by, but got to enjoy with food, drinks and the warmth of being inside. Ella really enjoyed it.

DSC05881 DSC05885 DSC05886 DSC05887 DSC05890 DSC05892

Today was more low-key and had me feeling old. It wasn’t long ago that Josh and I would have been out drinking green beer and getting rowdy. Today, no rowdiness other than Ella’s complete meltdown at the store when I told her that she could not eat yogurt at the store. Instead of drinking, I took two naps because I was feeling exceptionally worn out. After I peeled myself out of my bed I went to the gym. Though it was a nice 60 degrees outside, the 40 mph winds were not really conducive to a long run. I hopped on the treadmill for 10 miles. Of course I had to stop every 2-3 miles for a bathroom break. No denying this baby is getting bigger!

Regardless of my slow overall pace, 9:40s not counting my bathroom breaks, the run felt good. I sent a new second trimester distance record. If I am able to run 11 next weekend, I’ll seriously consider registering for the half marathon I have my eye on. I just need to double-check porta-potty locations.

I hope you all had a good St. Patty’s Day!

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