Enjoying the Winter Weather

Sometimes you buy things with the best of intentions. When I bought myself skis and new ski boots four years ago, I really thought they’d be put to good use. After all I do live in Colorado and I can be to a ski resort in an hour or so. I figured it’d use them at least half a dozen times year.

Sadly, they sit in our basement, with the tags still on them collecting dust. The first year I was training for a marathon. Too tired from long runs to go skiing, I missed the season. Then I was pregnant, then I had a newborn and this year, yep pregnant again. Sure some people may still go skiing while pregnant, but I’m just not willing to risk it. It’s not so much me that I’m worried about, I can keep myself in control, it’s the other people on the mountain. If something happened, I’d never be able to forgive myself.

Instead of skiing, we have taken up snowshoeing. With little snow to be found on the Front Range, we headed up to Estes Park for a jaunt in Rocky Mountain National Park. We were a bit concerned when we got into the town of Estes and saw little snow. The man at the snowshoe rental place assured us once we got into the park and went up a few thousand feet in elevation, snow we would find.

And that we did! We were relieved when we finally arrived in the Bear Lake parking lot and saw lots of snow. We scored an awesome parking spot and got on all of our gear.

DSC_0489Ella was like the kid from A Christmas Story. Poor thing couldn’t put her arms down.


We were off and boy did I forget how winded I get now. I felt like we were climbing up Everest and I had to keep pulling up my pants. They were just slightly too tight to button.




We hiked what felt like five miles before we stopped to let Ella out and for a snack and to enjoy the beautiful scenery all around us.




After our snack we decided it was time to head back. Our stomachs were ready for something a bit more substantial than Goldfish. They are delicious, but don’t have much staying power.


We hiked about 1.5 miles which, with our stops took about two hours or so. We were all sweaty messes, but everyone, even Ella had big smiles on their faces. On our way out of the park we ran into a huge herd of elk. It’s almost mating season in these parts. Ella was in awe of the ‘horses.’


We stopped at a local BBQ place for some food that would stick to our ribs before driving home. Perfect way to end our winter adventure.

What are your favorite winter activities?

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