Egg-cellent Easter

What a weekend. We lucked out here in Colorado and had a beautiful weekend. The sun was shining, it was in the mid 60’s. Perfect for Easter egg hunts and getting some sun in the backyard. Only bad news, our camera and our back-up broke, so we had only our phones. Second bummer, somehow we missed taking a family picture with said phones. Hopefully my Dad and Liz got some good ones.

Saturday morning we headed to Ella’s daycare for an Easter egg hunt with her friends. She wasn’t quite sure what to think of all of the eggs.

photo 3

She quickly learned to fill her basket, then dump it out and do it all over again. I think she really just liked to dump them out because she discovered candy inside of them.

photo 5

It was fun to see her interact with her friends. She loved yelling out their names as they came into the room. Apparently she does this every morning. My favorite is that she calls her friend Hannah, Hanni. So sweet.

Sunday morning we got up early to see what the Easter Bunny had brought Ella. She was most excited about her new bunny cup.


Ella with bunny cup

P.S. How cute is that little arm chair that our neighbors brought over for Ella? Love it!

We let her have a piece, or two of candy and got ready to go to church.

Ella and Mommy

Ella did really well in the overcrowded cry room. I always feel like I need to keep her quiet to be courteous to the adults around us, then I realize they are adults that choose to sit in the cry room without kids of their own, they can deal.

We hurried home to get ready for my family to come up and visit. We whipped up some bacon wrapped dates with a chocolate balsamic dipping sauce (thank you Shanna and Russell!), a variety of cheeses with hot pepper jam and crackers to start. Plus a few candies, you know because it’s Easter. Didn’t take pictures of our setup, because I was too busy setting out eggs for Ella!

I’d like to say I was being environmentally conscious by reusing the eggs she collected at daycare, plus a couple special Elmo ones, for our home hunt.




After she picked up her eggs, she decided they needed to go into her truck too. But only to hide them from Lucky.


We don’t entertain much, well at least not dinner parties, so I thought Easter a perfect excuse to break out the china. My grandma gave me her china that she bought in Germany when she and my grandpa were stationed over there in the early 60’s. I love them and they go nicely with the few settings of our own china that we picked out when we got married. I mixed and matched to set out table.

table 2

Aren’t those sunflowers gorgeous? Josh suprised me on Friday at work.

We gorged on Honey Baked Ham, Aunt Susan Potatoes (hashbrowns mixed with sour cream, cream of celery and topped with cheese and cornflakes), roasted asparagus with hollandaise sauce, salad and rolls. I ate way too much but…

spring fling

Yep that’s the Spring Fling cake, my favorite ever. We enjoyed this for dessert before it was time for everyone to go take a nap. I think everyone, even Ella was in a food coma. We had a great day. Ella laughed and laughed playing with her aunt, uncles and grandparents.

Ella with aunt and uncles


She was so sad when she woke up and found they’d left.

A very successful Easter indeed.

2 thoughts on “Egg-cellent Easter

    • She was all about those ears! i didn’t even have to force her this year. Loved them!

      I think you should definitely come to visit. They do sell the cake by the slice at the bakery. Totally worth a trip to Colorado!

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