Human Goodness – Does it still exist?


Glued to the TV, the radio, Facebook. That is how I spent last night. Taking in all the information I could about what happened yesterday in Boston. Watching over and over again the explosions knock people to their knees, kill innocent spectators and injure hundreds. Imagining if this had been just two years ago, that Josh and his dad could have been right in that spot, cheering as my mother-in-law crossed the finish line. It was overwhelming. I am thankful that Nancy was not in Boston this year and that her friends and their families that were there are safe.

I couldn’t help but see Josh and Ella’s faces at the finish line of races they’ve cheered for me at. I pictured their smiles and cheers that have gotten me through to the end. Imagining if I lost them in an instant to a senseless tragedy. An act that whether foreign or domestic, is an act of terror. Meant to kill and injure people. If I were the parent of the child lost, I don’t know that running would ever be the same again. The joy that the finish line brings at the end of a marathon would be a painful memory of a loved one lost.

As I mourned for these families, I also found myself amazed at the human spirit. Amazed at the goodness in people. For every person terrified and running away from the blasts, there were people running towards it. Bystanders, police, medical personnel. Dozens rushed towards the blast to help victims as fast as possible. Risking their own life and limbs to help others.

You see there is still good in humanity. That is what I choose to think about. I want to believe in this crazy world that we live in, that I’m bringing my children into and up in, that I can tell them, yes, bad things happen, but there are always good people that do anything they can to help. There are good people that think about others before themselves, even if they are complete strangers.

Thank you to the first responders, police, fire department, and all of the people who did what they could to help save lives. Thank you for showing me that an event like this will not destroy the human spirit but rather enlighten it. Rally around the heroes, mourn for those lost and be thankful for those who will recover, though it may be a long road ahead.

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