24 Weeks – Take Two

Have the weeks and months been moving at warp speed for anyone else lately? We’re just a month away from the third trimester. Holy shit. I have so much to do! First priority, narrowing down our name list. I have a front-runner in my head, but Josh is very noncommittal.

Side note: Josh is the master of complimentary angles for these pics.

24 weeks

Weight Gain to Date: Much to my amazement this morning the scale only indicated a one pound gain bringing my total up to 11 lbs. I stepped on and off the scale three times just to double-check but came up with the same weight each time. Apparently all that cake and cheese I ate last weekend didn’t have near the effect I thought it would.

Belly Button in or out: It’s almost flat already. I have to look back, but I feel like it didn’t pop with Ella this early. Must be the different position of this sweet boy.

Baby Size: Sprout is still the size of a papaya but gained about 8 ounces since the 22nd week. He should be just over a pound now and almost a foot long. I can tell he is definitely growing!

New Developments: His lungs are developing “branches” of the respiratory “tree” as well as cells that produce surfactant, a substance that will help his air sacs inflate once he hits the outside world. Maybe this is why the hiccups have started. I’d forgotten what a strange feeling that is.

Cravings: When my mom asked me what I was craving so she could stock up while Ella and I are visiting, I couldn’t think of anything. I do want to hit In-N-Out for a cheeseburger animal style and some fries…maybe a chocolate shake. I love all the spring fruits, berries, mangos, kiwis. I have been craving some pumpkin spice granola with vanilla yogurt and strawberries. Much to my dismay I have not found it in the stores or on Amazon. I suppose I will have to make some myself.

Food aversions: Anything that doesn’t involve carbs…haha. Kidding, well kind of. I’m so happy I’m not having the huge aversions I did with tofu (ruined forever) that I did the first time around.

Feeling: Worn out. I need to take a coma. As busy as this weekend will be, I think I’ll get some decent rest because there will be no shortage of hands willing to help with Ella. Plus, who doesn’t need a four day weekend every once in a while?

Sleep: I cannot get enough. Josh worked swings last week, so I got in an after work nap one night, it was amazing! I am sleeping a lot better this week but damn, I am so tired.

Movement: A few weeks ago I thought Sprout was pretty mellow, not so much now. He moves like a wild man now. The strangest movement though is down by his head. I swear he is tickling me. I think all of his crazy activity is contributing to my exhaustion. Josh asked me why I’m so tired all the time. I said, you know those movements you’ve been feeling, I am sustaining that life and all that movement. Try it. He was like, yeah, I suppose that makes sense.

Maternity Clothes: I’ve pretty much made the switch because I’m lazy. That and it’s so disappointing when you put on a pair of pants that fit a few days earlier, only to find that no force on earth could get them to button. Plus I got some new pieces in the mail this week. I cannot wait until the weather stays warm so that I can wear dresses and skirts all the time.

Running: Still running and I think it is the reason I look smaller this time around. I bought a maternity support belt that I tried out last week. It may have been that it was a horrible run all together, but I felt like it made my urge to pee worse. I’m going to try it out again and see if it works better. Last week I fell off the wagon, but this week I’ve covered a little more than 11 miles so far. We’ll see if I run at all in California to meet my goal of about 20 miles/week. My mom’s house is surrounded by hills and few restroom options. Not so appealing to me at the moment but I missing my mileage goal by 9 miles isn’t either.

For Comparison (24 weeks last time)

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