The Name Game

With Ella, we knew as soon as we found out she was a girl that she was going to be Ella. Years before we were even thinking about having kids, we talked about family names and Josh mentioned Ella. I immediately loved it and we decided if we had a daughter someday, she’d be Ella Marie.  We lucked out that neither of his sisters had girls they wanted to name Ella before our sweet girl arrived.

The funny thing is, though we had a girl name, we never talked about boys names. Outside of knowing that the middle name would be James, we never discussed possible first names other than my maiden name, Walker. Friends from college had a son shortly after Ella who is Walker James, so that is no longer an option which is totally fine, he is definitely a Walker.

Here we are, 14 weeks from my due date, at a loss for names. Sure we’ve made lists, but we haven’t agreed on a name or even a handful of names. Josh laughs or mocks some of my suggestions, I do the same to his. I mean who do you picture when you hear the name Virgil? Someone like this maybe?

That is exactly what pops into my head except in my head he’s sitting on a porch in overalls.

I don’t know what it is about boy names that we find so difficult. Maybe it’s that we feel like they should be strong, yet not something a child will have a hard time living up to like Adonis or Thor. We want it to be somewhat traditional but not incredibly popular or common like Jacob. Of course there are names that have been ruined by ex-boyfriends and former classmates. Then there is my hang up on initials.

With the middle name of James, there are some first names that we both like but I don’t like the initials. For instance, Benjamin. A great name, meets our criteria, but then our son has the first and middle initials of B.J. Sure maybe I’m the only one whose mind goes straight to the gutter, but some day his classmates’ may as well. Oliver is another one, but then there is O.J. I don’t mind the juice reference but I always think of OJ Simpson.

Names that start with J’s are out because then we would be Josh, Jess, Ella, and J-baby. Poor Ella would be left of out of the J club and I really don’t want to go Dugger style of all having the same first initial.

We currently have a list of 45 names. Some are going to be crossed off because we know people with kids with the same name or they are just too popular. There are a few that I am vetoing (Virgil is definitely off the list) and some I’m sure Josh will veto. I’m hoping we can get down to just three. Once we have those then we can wait until we see our boy to decide what fits him. I do have one name that I’m totally stuck on, but Josh isn’t completely sold. We’ll see if it makes the top three. Being the planner I am, this is driving me nuts.

I’m making this way too complicated aren’t I?

2 thoughts on “The Name Game

  1. Yes but the kid lives with the name forever. Since I’m not likely to have another, I’ll suggest Thaddeus (Thad for short) and Parker. Asher was at the top of my boy No. 2 list but a friend just named her baby that.

  2. Since I’m pretty sure I’m done having kids….when I was younger I always LOVED Ryan James. Good luck!

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