Title9 Mother’s Day 9k+ {Race Recap}

Instead of sleeping in on the one day a year when it’s a given opportunity, I was up at 6 am making myself peanut butter and banana toast. Pre-race breakfast of champions. Much to my disappointment our Sunday paper wasn’t in our drive way for me to enjoy as I ate my toast in the still silence of the early morning hours. The Today Show had to due.

For some reason as I got myself ready to head to Boulder a wave of anxiety came over me. I still can’t pinpoint what exactly it was that was making me nervous but I was definitely anxious as I pulled out of my driveway and headed to the reservoir for the Title 9 Mother’s Day 9k+.

photo 1

Once I arrived I was ready. The weather was perfect if not a little too warm for my liking, 63 degrees or so at the start. Two pre-race potty breaks to try to prevent excessive stops along the course were a must. I lined up in the back of the 9 min/mile pack and put on my support belt. This drew some questions from the women around me who congratulated me on running while pregnant.

photo 3

We were off. Well the people way in front of my were off. I was stuck behind walkers. Frustrated, I did some weaving to move from a walk to a run. Once I found my stride I was feeling good. I was even feeling slightly bad ass as I passed people up the first hill on the course. That was until two women passed me with their strollers.

The first three miles and two biggest hills flew right by. To my surprise I didn’t even need to make a pit stop. I grabbed water at the two water stops I passed. I turned off the road we were running on back towards the reservoir. I knew Josh and Ella were going to be on the course soon and the rest of the course was fairly flat. Around mile 3.6 I had to make a quick stop. I stopped my watch so I could see how long it actually took me.

Just about a half mile later, I saw my family!


Ella came running at me yelling mommy! I loved it! I ran over, gave her a big hug and a kiss then sent her back to Josh.


At this point I was starting to get hot. I kept going but started slowing down a bit to make sure I didn’t overheat. With little shade and the temperature rising, I needed to be cautious. It was also around mile 4.5 that my feet started feeling a bit numb. This was a new and very strange feeling. Luckily it went away as soon as I loosened my shoes that I’d tied extra tight to make sure I didn’t lose my car key.

I hit the last water stop at mile 5 and could almost see the finish line. I was ready to be done. I was hot and getting tired. I made the final turn off the dam and onto the street that was lined with husbands wearing kids, pulling wagons and pushing strollers. It was so cute and kind of funny to see all these dads managing the kids while mom ran.

The course support was just what I needed at the end of the race. I picked up the pace a little bit and cruised through the finish line. Just beyond the finish line were Josh, Ella and Lucky waiting with hugs and high fives.

photo 4

I grabbed Ella off Josh’s shoulders as I walked through the shoot collecting Boulder Ice Cream, oranges and Luna bars. Ella was super excited about the finishers necklace and the oranges until she realized she had the option of ice cream.

After enjoying some ice cream we got Ella face painted and stopped to dip our toes in the lake before heading home.


My unofficial results:

Time: 58:41  Distance: 6.1 miles  Average Pace: 9:36 min/miles

My official results showed that I lost about a minute at the porta potty and hugging Ella. The distance is also a bit longer than the ‘official’ distance though the website said it as a 9k+ because the course was actually 6.1 miles as my watch showed.

Official results: Time: 59:48  Average Pace: 9:54 min/miles

I was pleasantly surprised by how this race went. I had no time or pace goal. I simply wanted to be able to finish the race without walking the majority of it. I was shocked when I looked down at my watch to see I was maintaining a sub-10 min pace. The race was fun and the scenery beautiful. I just wish I’d been on top of it enough to pack a picnic lunch for us.

It may just become a Mother’s Day tradition.

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