The Lap of Luxury

It took nearly 23 months, just two days shy of it, but we finally spent our first night away from Ella…together. Yes, it was a momentous occasion, one to be celebrated in high style.

Last weekend Josh and I had a little staycation to celebrate my entering the last year of my twenties. My Dad and Stepmom took on watching Ella overnight so that we could stay at The Brown Palace in Downtown Denver for the evening.

We were both a bit nervous about leaving Ella overnight. Not that Dad and Liz are not completely loving and capable of caring for Ella, more so worried that she’d be a crying mess who was up all night. I may have over-packed a bit for her but I wanted to be prepared for it all. For one night we had:

-A bag of toys and books selected by Ella
-Raffi and Horton Hears a Who Movies
-Her own little suitcase with her clothes and such (she insisted on packing this herself too)
-Her diaper bag with the typical potty supplies
-Her potty
-Her backpack with her coloring book and guaranteed will eat snacks

I think when we actually left my dad’s house to go downtown he was like, ok Jess, we will all survive. Ella did really well with the goodbyes though she did request extra hugs and kisses.

When we got downtown and walked into the lobby, we were greeted with champagne which Josh was enjoying when they informed us that unfortunately we were going to be upgraded to a presidential suite. What!?! Since it wasn’t quite ready, we were also getting a credit for breakfast in the morning. Sweet!

We had some time to kill so we walked down to check out the Denver Chalk Art Festival. Pretty impressive.


We made our way back to the hotel so that we could enjoy our room before dinner. We walked in to find a room bigger than my first apartment:

IMG_3008 IMG_3009 IMG_3010 IMG_3011 IMG_3013 IMG_3016

We looked up the normal room rate for this weekend, $1600/night. Pretty steep.

We settled into relax for a few before dinner when Josh realized he needed a jacket for dinner. Luckily my little brother lives nearby. Josh jetted off to his apartment while I put on a comfy robe to get ready.


I was really excited to get dressed up and go to a nice dinner. When I put on my dress Josh laughed at me saying that when he looked straight at me, he couldn’t see my belly.


Turn to the side, there it is!


We enjoyed a four course tasting menu and each other’s company over the two hours we spent comfortably at The Palace Arms.


They even brought out an additional plate of treats with a candle and a rose for my birthday.


The next morning, after sleeping in until all of 7:30, we ordered room service and enjoyed breakfast in our dining area.

IMG_3030 IMG_3032

It was unbelievably relaxing. So much so that I was exhausted the rest of the day. I had forgotten how nice it is not to worry about being late for a babysitter and being able to get out of bed when I wanted.

When we arrived at my parents house just before lunch, Ella was excited to see us and greeted us with big hugs and kisses. She did great and even slept a solid 12 hours for them. They said she was on the brink of tears asking for us, but they distracted her with food. Like mother, like daughter.

Can’t wait to do it again in two more years when this next baby is Ella’s age. I kid…well hopefully.

2 thoughts on “The Lap of Luxury

  1. That looks like an amazing night! There is something so relaxing about leaving the kid(s) with grandparents. I haven’t left the baby yet and will probably wait until she’s weaned but I do daydream about it 🙂

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