It runs in the family

Josh and I are not the only runners in our family. As of late, little Miss Ella is all about running. She requests to run every night. Whether it’s to the mailbox or the end of the street, she loves it and shouts out “I running, yeay!” It is the cutest thing. Last night we took a short stroll to the park after dinner to enjoy the brief respite from the heat a smokey cloud cover gave us. Once Ella got her fill of the swings and the slides, she was ready to head home.

There was no getting her in the stroller, she wanted to run and run she did…all the way home. Warning, she put her squeaky shoes on all by herself so she has running sound effects.

It is about .60 miles from the park to our house. We were so impressed that her legs could carry her all that way. Needless to say she crashed hard when I put her to bed.

She and Josh are starting to pick up where I’ve been leaving off. I had my first post illness run on Monday. I covered 4 miles at just over a 10 min/mile pace. It felt good for the first three miles, but by the time I was getting closer to the 4th mile, I was getting  uncomfortable. Our baby boy has moved down a bit and is feeling really low even though my belly looks higher. I had my first moment of feeling like his head was pounding against my cervix. Not the best feeling. I was so close to hitting four miles that I kept going, but decided to take Tuesday night off.

Much to my surprise, I was a bit sore from the run when I woke up on Tuesday. It was good that I only planned to walk for an hour or so on Tuesday night. Yesterday much to my dismay, Braxton Hicks were out of control. So again, opted to walk. I’m itching to get another run in before a crazy wedding/Father’s Day weekend. Even if I only last a mile, I’m going to get some sort of run in. Maybe Ella and I will pound the pavement together tonight.

2 thoughts on “It runs in the family

  1. that is awesome! my little one loves to run too! i feel like that’s all i’m posting about lately. I can’t get over it! Those little legs seems to go so fast and so far. i think it’s just amazing to watch how they emulate us – especially with something like running.

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