Sarah and Jason Tie the Knot

Last weekend I had the honor of standing up for my girlfriend Sarah as she married her soul mate Jason. Sarah and I have been friends since our freshman year of high school. We did swim team together, went to awesome concerts like Christina Aguliera together and there were many a night that we stopped at Burger King to get onion rings on our way home from whatever it was we did back at 17.

Sarah is the most unique spirit I’ve ever known. Always true to herself, she have the aura of joy and true sense of all things around her. She’s so unique in this way that I thought it impossible that another person like her could exist. Until she met Jason. I remember her telling us about him for the first time and I thought, wow, could it be that Sarah found someone as appreciative of life in general and has the same overwhelming positive light coming from them? Sure enough, he does.

So it was a joy to be in their wedding this weekend. It was a bonus that my oldest Colorado friend, Lisa, whose beautiful wedding both Sarah and I were in last September, came to stay with us for the weekend! The three of us have now all been in each other’s weddings. So fun! It was so much fun having a grown up sleep over at my house.

Lisa and I stopped at Nordstroms to have our make-up done which was a great call on Lisa’s part. As soon as we were done we headed to Boulder where we spent the early afternoon getting all  done up at the St. Julien.

IMG_3076 IMG_3083 IMG_3078


How beautiful was the view from the suite?


Once ready we all piled into a big SUV limo to pick up the boys and head to the farm where the ceremony and reception would take place.

IMG_3088 IMG_3089

The ceremony was beautiful…and hot. We all had sweat dripping down out legs. Sarah and Jason wrote their own vows which we beautiful, heartfelt and put into words only the two of them could string together.

994802_510617878992291_1153727582_n (1)

The rest of the evening was spent mingling, enjoying fresh, delicious, organic food from the very farm we were at and neighboring farms.

IMG_3093 IMG_3090 IMG_3094

Everything was cooked outside on the huge grill and wood burning stove. We enjoyed each other’s company as we listened to a local bluegrass band.

20130615_184733 20130615_184851 20130615_203632(0) 20130615_203606 1005126_510644158989663_1063914129_n

It was so very Sarah and Jason. I told Josh that we will never be to another wedding like it.

Congratulations again to my dear friend Sarah and her new husband Jason!

One thought on “Sarah and Jason Tie the Knot

  1. Aww! Congrats to your friend. The wedding looks gorgeous, and I love the idea of doing it on the farm with organic vegetables. The old scale is awesome!

    You look great, too!

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