Weekend Round Up

I know we still have at least several weeks to go before this new baby comes, but all the sudden I feel like I need to savor our last moments as a family of three. The last days and weeks that Ella is our only child. This weekend I got to do a little of that.

Friday night I got a last minute appointment to get my hair done. I jumped at the chance because I hadn’t gotten my hair cut since February. It had gotten way too long and just hung sadly on my head. I said goodbye to five inches of hair and hello to bangs…

new haircut

Still not sure if I like it yet, but I don’t hate it. It’s just a big change.

Longmont has great outdoor concerts throughout the summer. I walked from my appointment a few blocks away to meet Josh, Ella and our friend Brenna and her new boyfriend to enjoy some music.

Ella on daddy's shoulders

Ella being sassyYes, our daughter is sassy and she knows it.

Family at summer concert

The night ended a little early because I started feeling really crummy. Luckily after a mass amount of water and relaxing on the couch I was back to my normal self.

Saturday morning Ella slept in until almost 8 am! What a treat. Josh went for a mountain bike ride while Ella and I hit the farmer’s market. We picked up our favorite salsa, some pork from a local farmer and a huge cinnamon pretzel from a local Bavarian bakery. Ella was in heaven.

Farmer's Market Treat

We sat at a picnic table enjoying our pretzel and checking out all the people walking by. Ella made a new friend who gave her a little pink flower. He was about 4 years old and had a huge smile on his face as he gave it to her. We are in so much trouble…

After running errands we got to relax the rest of the afternoon. Ella took a four hour nap while Josh and I also caught a few z’s. Josh and I even stayed awake late enough to watch an entire movie together. Imagine that.

Sunday morning came way too soon. Ella and I ate breakfast and read the paper together. Once Josh was up, I went right back to bed while he took her for a run to the park. With the promise of the pool after her nap, Ella begged to get into bed. I woke Ella up from her nap a tad early so that we could make it to the pool.

We discovered the perfect sized activity pool at one of the nearby parks. It’s not even three feet deep at its deepest point. Ella loved it almost as much as she loved taking breaks for snacks and water.

poolShe made friends with the couple sitting near us who had their five month old son with them. Ella told them all about her brother in my tummy. Thank you again to the dad who said he was shocked that I was due in August. He said he thought I had at least four months to go. You have been taught well my friend, very well.

The clouds rolled in which meant our pool time was cut short. Before leaving the park we strolled through the rose garden and swung on the swings.

Rose garden 2We had nothing to hurry off to, nothing we had to do. It was lovely. Our night ended with spaghetti, a much needed bath for Ella, books and lots of cuddles. Oh Mondays, you come to soon.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up

  1. Ella is precious! And a FOUR hour nap?? That’s incredible. I can’t believe that doesn’t mess with her night time sleep. How awesome! And sleeping in until 8 sounds awesome too. Lovely weekend!

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