34 Weeks – Take Two

34 down, six to go, or more like 4.5 if this little guys is like Ella. I finally ordered a crib for him which was delivered on Wednesday. It is still in the box leaning against the dresser in the guest room, but it is in the house. Excuse the strange face I’m making…I swear I was not under the influence of anything other than chips and salsa.

34 weeks

Weight Gain to Date: I knew there was going to be a jump this week. This week was the first that I really noticed weight gain in my arms and legs. Mainly my legs which is lovely. I feared getting on the scale this week…21.5 lbs. I know I’m still well within the healthy range but I’m starting to just feel big and heavy. Good thing a healthy baby is totally worth it.

Belly Button in or out: Still an outie. It’s not as noticeable as it was a few weeks ago. I think our boy has dropped a bit.

Baby Size:  Sprout should weigh about 4-4.75 lbs and stretch out to about 18 inches.  If he’s smaller like Ella I’m guessing he’s closer to the 4lb mark considering we still have 6 weeks of growth left. I told my midwife at our last checkup that I feel like he’s huge and so tightly curled in there. Maybe I’m just forgetting how big Ella felt in my belly. That or he is actually a lot bigger.

New Developments:  He can recognize and react to simple songs like when we sing I’m a Little Teapot (Ella’s new favorite) and the ABCs.  He’ll be able to recognize these same frequently sung tunes after birth and probably find them soothing. He is digging music when I’m driving. Sometimes he like a nice country song, it is summer after all, other days he’s more into Macklemore and Jay-Z. In the bodily function developmental news: He now urinates about one pint per day.

Cravings:  It depends on my mood. I think I could live off of fruit and lemonade. I crave salty from time to time which leads me to chips and salsa. Cheese and crackers are a good go to as well.

Food aversions: Everything and nothing. My appetite and taste buds are at odds. Nothing actually sounds good lately. Sometimes the first few bites are good but then I don’t want anymore because it suddenly grosses me out.

Feeling: This week brought my first bought of back pain and feeling really front heavy. It’s really centered around my tailbone. I think it hurts the most when I can tell that Sprout is facing my belly so the largest part of his head is pressing against my tailbone. Other than that and the contractions I had in the middle of the night our first night in Breckenridge, I’m still feeling good. Those contractions were no joke though, I was about five minutes away from calling my midwives when they stopped. I haven’t had any more since then, but I’m definitely going to make sure to talk to the midwives about it at my appointment next week.

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping well this week once I am able to fall asleep. I’m finding myself staying up until 10:30-11pm otherwise I cannot get to sleep once I’m in bed. Still averaging about 5-6 hours/night and enjoying nice long weekend naps. Thank you Ella for still taking ridiculously long naps.

Movement: This boy, I tell ya.  He moves and grooves all the time. Right now I’m actually feeling him slide an elbow or hand against my hip bone. That is one strange feeling. His favorite movement currently is kicking his foot out my right side. It’s crazy that I can differentiate between body parts this time around. He likes to hang out on his side, which means I can usually feel his little hip, part of his legs and his heel as he kicks out.

Maternity Clothes: I think I have a problem. I know I only have a few more weeks to go, but I’m so sick of the clothes I already have that I’ve picked up just a few more pieces. I scored some more shirts at Marshalls and picked up a long skirt from Old Navy that I can wear even when I’m no longer pregnant.

Running: I should probably change this to exercising since I’m done running for now. I did register for my first post-baby half marathon this week. Yeay! It’s not until next May, but I’m already ridiculously excited about it. Like I said in my post about my UP band, I’ve been walking a ton. Last weekend I even got in a swim. We were swimming will Ella so I just did a quick 250 meters of breaststroke, but it felt so good. I felt so light. I’m excited to have the opportunity to swim again this week.

Name: We haven’t even talked about it in the past two weeks. Josh had been calling him various names to see what he liked. We have been getting all sorts of suggestions. Some have been cute, but a lot of the suggestions are names of the son of people we know. Surprisingly my favorite name hasn’t changed.

For Comparison (34 Weeks last time)

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