Time for Tumbling

With the birth of #2 approaching at an alarming rate, I’ve been brainstorming fun things that Ella and I, or just Ella and Josh could do together once the baby is here. One of the many tips I’ve been getting from people who two kiddos close in age is to make sure you have something special that is just for you and the oldest.

I’ve written before about my anxiety about how Ella will transition into being a big sister and not the sole recipient of our love and attention. It is starting to ease slightly, but the other night when Josh was asking me if I was ready and said that no amount of my worrying is going to prevent Ella from feeling at least a little bit neglected, I teared right up. This of course sent my brain into planning overdrive.

Longmont has an amazing recreation department that has endless activities. Ella is super active, loves to dance and jump around. This lead me straight to a dance or gymnastics class. Unfortunately Ella is still too young for the dance classes, but Tumblebus for the win! Tumblebus is a school bus that has been converted into a rolling gymnastic area. Our class doesn’t actually take place on the bus, but Ella gets excited every time she sees the Tumblebus as we drive into the recreation center.

At our first class Ella was a little shy, but quickly dove right into the activities. Her favorite is by far hanging like a monkey.


Closely followed by walking across the balance beam.

Ella balance beam

Doing somersaults and crawling through the tunnel.

DSC_0650 DSC_0648

The class is only about 30 minutes long, which is perfect for the attention span of toddlers. Since her first class she’s gotten to jump on the trampoline, do handstands, and be the line leader twice. She loves being the line leader and having everyone watch her demonstrate the obstacle course of the day and clap.

We just started the second session and she continues to love it. Unfortunately our swimming lesson session was cancelled due to poor registration, but maybe we’ll just have pool days more often. I think little classes like this, where she is the sole focus of my attention will be perfect to continue once the new baby is here.

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