Getting My Feet Wet

For some reason I was anxious as I walked into the YMCA to finally use the free family one month membership Josh and I won at a silent auction nearly a year ago. Maybe it was the new gym or the fact that I was there to swim laps. I looked around trying to survey how busy I thought the pool area would be, deciding that at 8:30 on a Tuesday night, this place was pretty much deserted.

I walked into the wrong bathroom before making it to the locker room. As I walked by big windows to the pool, I was relieved to see the lanes completely open. Phew I wasn’t going to have to share a lane. I got my lovely maternity suit on, adjusted my goggles and threw my bag into the nearest empty locker. As I walked onto the deck of the pool, smelled the chlorine, I went right back to high school.

Memories of late afternoon swim practices came back with the smell of the Flaming Hot Cheetos and freshly baked Otis Spunkmeier cookies mixed with chlorine, wet swimsuits and the sound of water splashing all around me. We never followed that silly rule about eating and swimming. I hopped, ok lowered very carefully, myself into the cool water, made sure my goggles weren’t going to take on water and pushed off the wall. It was not as effortless as it was more than a decade ago, that’s for sure.

The first 50 meters were the most difficult. All of the sudden I had forgotten how to pace my breathing. Silly me. By the time I finished the second 50 meters I was in a groove. It felt effortless once again, like I hadn’t stopped swimming for years. I was loving every minute.

I was not setting any speed records, but that is fine with me. I peacefully swam for an hour straight before open swim was over and the gym was closing. Taking our Sprout along for the ride. I think he liked it because I could feel him moving almost the entire time. It’s like he was kicking right along with me.

When I finished up, dried off and headed home, I felt so good. My entire body was thanking me. It was the best full body workout I’ve had in a long time. I cannot wait to go back. This morning I woke up feeling slightly sore in the best possible way. I don’t know why I’ve shied away from the pool for so long.

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