All About Miss Ella – Two Years

Our big two year old, well, big to us two year old anyway.

DSC_0953 DSC_0952


Ella has surpassed the 20lb mark finally! Fully clothed with shoes on, she’s now 23lbs. She hovered between 21-22lbs at home before bath time. She’s 32 inches tall and has 15 teeth. She’s definitely still on the small side of the scales, but looks perfect to us. Her hair has really been growing a lot lately and is getting curlier by the day.


Ella reading

Remember that dream I had when I was pregnant with her about a curly haired toddler? It was totally Ella.

She finally eats, though sporadically.


Some days she shocks us by eating not only breakfast, a morning snack and all of her lunch, but will then also take down an afternoon snack and dinner. Those days are the best! Most days we feel like we’re winning if she eats all of one meal she’s offered. We’ve learned to pick our battles and that if she’s asks for something specific to eat, give it to her (within reason, of course). Her requests are random. One night she wanted fish and ate every single bite. The next night I was warming up leftovers when she asked for pizza. Ate three small slices of our emergency Kashi frozen pizza. Grapes are her favorite food right now, closely followed by Goldfish, graham crackers with peanut butter, fish and watermelon. Veggies are a battle most of the time but she will enjoy salad which is perfect because we have tons of lettuce in our garden. She a huge fan of milk and though we weaned two months ago, she still talks about mommy milk daily. I can see this being a point of jealousy when the new baby comes.

Speaking of babies, Ella LOVES her dolls.

ella with baby

She has two, one girl and a boy that she calls baby brother. Every night she must sleep with her baby who has her own blanket and needs to be tucked in just so. Baby brother is reserved for downstairs story time and grocery shopping with her mini cart. Last weekend she buckled her baby into our friend’s car seat, then gently covered her with a blanket. When I asked her about it later she said that her baby was going for a ride, so she had to be buckled to be safe. Mommy melting moment. Of course then there are moments she wraps that baby up and carries it by the head. Those are a little concerning. Hopefully she doesn’t try the same with her brother.

Ella’s favorite past time is talking. She has always been quite verbal, but we’re still amazed at how much she says. Full sentences are a norm lately and long words such as motorcycle, trampoline, etc. come out with ease. We definitely have to be careful what we say now because she repeats a lot. We do our best not to laugh when she repeats Josh if he says shit or damn. Most commonly heard phrases around our house:

‘No Mommy/Daddy, I do it myself!’
‘Ella no like the potty because Ella a baby’ – so yeah potty training has halted for the most part.
‘Where did squeaky shoes go?’
‘I love you Mommy/Daddy/Baby/Brother, etc’ – my favorite!

She likes to do flashcards which allow her to identify animals, objects, colors and shapes.

I haven’t captured it well on video, but she loves to sing I’m a Little Teapot which may be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen/heard. She’s so sassy about her spout. She’ll start to sing the ABCs but stop until we join in with her. Counting is also big around our house. We try to encourage her by counting out the quantities of different things.

I am amazed every day how much she is learning and developing. Even in the past few months since her 21 month update, she’s changed so much. I have this urge to just video tape her all the time so I don’t forget a single moment, a smile, something funny she says or does, or the way she cuddles up with me. Of course that is ridiculous and would be way too helicopter parent. I have to say, tantrums and all (oh is she good at tantrums), this is my favorite age so far.

3 thoughts on “All About Miss Ella – Two Years

  1. What a little string bean! Miles weighed in at 26-9 and is 33.5 inches. Probably because I bribe him with lolipops all the time. Miss Ella is gorgeous (as are you), and I loved the video. She’s too stinkin’ smart.

  2. I think my favorite word pronunciation by Ella is the fish. Love the lip action to go with it. She is adorable, and definitely one of the cutest little girls I’ve seen. By the way, Jessica, you have done a great job of writing descriptions of your daughter. Just the right amount of information and a bit of humor.

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