Capturing the Family

A few weeks ago we finally took family pictures again. It’s so rare to get a picture of the three of us, that I just couldn’t help but book one last session before we’re a family of four. Of course this session combined family, maternity, and Ella turning two all in one. We had lots of pictures to take! I grabbed a few of my favorites from our Facebook preview to share.

1075372_550973561616496_1891984999_o 1077329_550973844949801_1663581811_o

976296_550973698283149_1048487843_o 981422_550973938283125_1213415905_o 1075330_550973884949797_955319602_o 1073070_550973768283142_1370282908_o 1075594_550973514949834_1552236989_o 981772_550973948283124_1425994022_o 1071217_550973398283179_1548352967_o 1077301_550973394949846_1165318949_o 965340_550973881616464_930501121_oIt was fun and Ella was surprisingly cooperative, though she liked making funny faces more than smiling. I can’t wait to see the rest of them. In just about a month we’ll be doing a newborn shoot with little Sprout.

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