The Spectacle of Delivering an Heir

With my due date approaching and memories of labor, delivery and the days and weeks that followed flooding back, I cannot help but be so happy that I’m not a princess. This royal baby fever has been out of control. Here are just a few reasons I’m thankful to not be in Kate Middleton’s shoes right now.

  1. The world will not be following my labor and delivery. This poor woman. It was announced the moment she went to the hospital and throngs of reports were outside of the hospital for the 14 hours that followed. Labor and delivery are an intense event, one that is not a public spectacle. I cannot imagine being able to focus on myself and the delivery of my child with all of these people just outside waiting impatiently as a second time mom whose been through it, let alone going through it for the first time.
  2. I don’t have to make my public debut to the world less than 24 hours later. I’ll hand it to her, Kate looked amazing as she and Prince William walked out of the hospital with their baby boy in their arms. But all I could think about as I saw her smiling politely for the cameras was how exhausted she must be. In addition to being sore, having boobs that I’m sure were starting to ache and wearing the ever so attractive postpartum underwear diaper. I know that first day after Ella was born it took everything I had to shower and blow dry my hair. Make-up…haha.
  3. No one is placing bets of what our son will be named. Apparently people have been betting like crazy on what the baby will be named. From George to James and every previous king’s name in between. No pressure there, geez.
  4. There are no hour long news specials on what kind of parents we’ll be. Being a parent is just as challenging as it is rewarding. No one is a perfect parent, especially first time parents who are just trying to figure out who their baby is and how to get through those first weeks and months. Hopefully they’ll be able to hold up in their house as long as possible because no one needs the press invading their space during that time.
  5. I don’t have to be held up in my house. When I’m ready, I’ll be able to leave the house with the new baby and not have to deal with paparazzi following me and photographing me endlessly. No make-up, greasy hair in a ponytail and spit up on the clothes I may or may not have been wearing for two days, no problem.

I know it’s super exciting that there is a new heir to the throne and all that jazz, but geez, just like any other first time parents, the royals deserve some space and privacy right now. It would be pretty nice to live in the lap of luxury and get to travel the world, inherit a dynasty, but no if it meant all of this.

Congratulations Will and Kate, best wishes and good luck from one sleepy parent to another.

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