Nesting and Being a Nutcase

It’s finally kicked in, that nesting instinct of mine. That or I’m losing my marbles which is a strong possibility. The past several days all I can think about are the things I’d like to get done before the baby gets here. In between contractions, yep, having those all the time now, I’ve been a bit of a tornado around my house. I think I’ve actually been making as much of a mess as I have been cleaning up.

The bassinet has been washed and is up, ready for baby in our room. The car seat cover has been washed and is ready for a tiny newborn to ride home in it. That is if we can convince Ella that her baby brother doll really doesn’t need to ride in it.  This little guy has clothes ready for him and my hospital bag is permanently in my car until d-day.

It’s amazing how fast the past several days have gone as I am staring 38 weeks in the eye. I’m feeling a bit of a time crunch as we talk about how if he’s like his sister, we only have about a week until he’s here. Wowza. We have no idea if he’s going to be early like Ella, but I am currently just hoping that he stays in my belly until Saturday. After Saturday he can come.

You see my little sister Emma decided that she wanted to spend the last few weeks of her summer break hanging at my house helping prepare for or play with her new nephew and of course teach her niece how to play soccer. What 15 year old wants to do that? Yeah, my awesome sister. She arrives on Friday afternoon, so this sweet boy needs to stay put. Emma will be hanging with Ella in the event I go into labor in the middle of the night or on a weekend. Plus she’s also volunteered to help make freezer meals and do whatever else I need her to do. I’m spoiled.

This weekend we have exciting things on tap. We are going to Ella’s Big Sister Camp at the hospital Saturday morning. I definitely want her to be able to go see the hospital before Josh brings her to meet her brother. She has started saying to Josh that mommy will go to the doctor and get a brother out of her tummy. She’s listening more than we think. After that we have lunch in Boulder and Emma and I are having mani/pedis.

Speaking of becoming a big sister, Ella definitely knows her days as a only child are coming to a close. She is all about mommy for everything. She won’t even let Josh change a poop. Apparently mommy has special wiping powers or something. Last weekend at Jazz in the Park she got to ‘play with’ baby Jonathan who is two months old. She was really excited about giving him a bottle and gently giving him kisses on the head. Maybe I’m worrying over nothing? Granted he stayed with his mommy and I didn’t hold him.

I read somewhere that having a little gift exchange is a fun way to introduce brother and sister. Ella is currently obsessed with bracelets so I bought her a little bracelet off of Etsy that her brother will be giving her when she meets him. It’s pink and has little pearls, she’s going to LOVE it. We also went shopping and she picked out a stuffed dog to give to him. She’s pretty excited to give him a birthday present. Also noted that I should not be holding him when they first meet so that I can give her a big hug and kiss. If she doesn’t poke him in the eye or try to pull him off of me while he nurses, I’m going to consider the initial meeting a success.

In the midst of the preparations and me trying to wind down at work, we’re doing our best to get in some quality family time and J&J time. We attempted date night but it was cut short when our babysitter reported that two hours after we left, Ella was still crying for us. At least we got in dinner and ice cream.

Josh asks me almost every day if I’m ready to be a family of four and honestly, I’m not. I’ve done all I can to get our house ready (though we don’t really have a nursery just yet), get Ella ready and mentally prep myself, but the beautiful chaos of it all is going to happen. So I’m going to let it. I’m finding my mellow place where I don’t worry about the what-ifs anymore.

Let the adventure begin.

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