38 Weeks – Take Two

Well, here we are, just a few days away from the point in my first pregnancy when Ella was born. How did we get here so fast? The finish line is almost in sight. Whether he comes today, next week, or in two weeks, we know that he’ll be here in less than 4 weeks. Please baby, do not stay in there long enough to be evicted.

38 Weeks

Weight Gain to Date: We’re sitting at 27.5 lbs. But I feel like my belly looks way bigger than it did even a week ago when I was wearing the exact same thing. Wow, way to mix it up Jess. haha.

Belly Button in or out: Somewhere in between. The top definitely sticks out more than the bottom which is basically flat.

Baby Size:  Sprout could be anywhere between 5-7 lbs right now and about 18-21 inches long. At my appointment on Monday, the midwife said he felt like he was a good size, not huge, but a good size. I was afraid to ask what that meant. I think I’d rather not have a size estimate this time around. It might freak me out. I assume he’s going to be bigger than Ella, but how much bigger, eh, I think I can wait until after he’s here to find out.

New Developments:  Nothing new except that he’s slothing off his vernix caseosa and lanugo.

Cravings:  Beverages of any kind. I am really thirsty and hot, so if it’s cool, I want to drink it. The huge box of peaches we bought at the farmer’s market last weekend are pretty darn amazing too.

Food aversions: No changes here.

Feeling: The beginning of this week was really rough. Every evening I had strong, but irregular contractions. I also had this strange, possibly a nerve, pain on my lower left side that makes it hard for me to walk or as it has become this week, waddle. Other than the early week contractions,  I’m feeling good.

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping fairly well and having insane dreams. Just about every morning I wake up about 20 minutes before my alarm is going to go off and have to pee. I try my best to ignore it, but my bladder always wins and I drag myself out of bed. I’ve been very slow getting out of the house in the mornings this week.

Movement: Sprout’s movement have gotten much smaller because real estate is tight. If I don’t feel him for a few minutes, I poke him or have something sugary and he starts moving away. I had a momentary panic early in the week when it felt like he flipped. Just in case I’ve been doing some optimal fetal positioning moves. Pretty sure he’s still head down and I’m just a nutcase. At least I hope that is the case.

Exercise:  Um, about that. I’ve been so bad in the past week and a half. It’s not that I don’t want to exercise, I really do, but those previously mentioned contractions and pelvic pain have stopped me in my tracks. We also had a creeper incident at my office with some guy in a white van (sounds like something out of a movie right?) following a female employee. With that little tidbit I decided maybe I shouldn’t be walking by myself outside.

Name: Josh said that he’s just not going to have a name because he doesn’t like my suggestions and I don’t necessarily like his. Helpful. He’s really pushing James right now, but I’d prefer it as a middle name. Ugh, naming sucks. I don’t want to just stick him with a name because we agree that we don’t hate it. This one naming book suggested a March Madness inspired name bracket. We’re seriously considering it.

Signs of Labor: Well, contractions galore, lower abdominal cramping and the plug has been working it’s way out for more than a week now. Gross I know. Sorry about that. I also think he’s starting to move lower. No dramatic drop, which I was told probably wouldn’t happen this time around, but I can feel him so much lower. My nesting instinct has also kicked in. I’m just waiting for that huge burst of energy I had the day before Ella was born.

For Comparison (38 weeks with Ella)

2 thoughts on “38 Weeks – Take Two

  1. OMG. I can’t believe he’s almost here. I hope you are all stocked up on Nuun, nutrition bars, music and other essentials. Also, I vote that you get final choice on the name since you are carrying him. And my brother’s name is James, and I agree that it’s a better middle name – because obviously Josh will be cool with my input.

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