Teaser Weekend

Well, it’s Monday and I’m here to report that I’m still pregnant. As of tomorrow, I will have been pregnant longer than ever before. I know, boo hoo I still have 10 days until my due date. I really thought for some reason he might come over the weekend. It may have been the contractions or the fact that my sister arrived so that I could stop worrying about what we’d do with Ella in the event I went into labor in the middle of the night or on a weekend. But, he has other plans.

We did have a nice weekend, despite Ella being in rare form most of it. I picked Emma up from the airport on Friday which was exciting. We had a big Saturday planned. We drove down to Boulder late Saturday morning for a quick stop at the Farmer’s Market. While Ella, Emma and Josh hung by the creek,

I had my bare belly photographed for a local photographers 100 Bellies in 100 Days project. Joel is the husband of our Birthing from Within refresher instructor who came to our house a few weeks back. She told me about the project and I thought, why not?

After my quick photo session, we went to the hospital for Ella’s big sister camp. She was a bit young for the class, but loved the video they showed about how she can help with the baby and what babies do.

Ella Big Sister Class

She also got to see where she’d be visiting us and we told her all about how she was born there too. When we got home we showed her pictures to help her connect the two. She is loving looking at pictures of herself as a newborn. She says, “tiny baby Ella, so small.”

What’s better than some spicy Mexican food for someone rapidly approaching their due date? Um…nothing. It was so spicy it made me sweat. It was delicious but not so much labor inducing. Nor was the mani/pedi that Emma and I enjoyed later that afternoon. My fingers and toes look great though and it was very relaxing.

I spent way too much time making this eggplant recipe, which was really delicious. I’m glad because had it not been, I would have wanted the three hours I spent making it back. It’s nice that eggplant season is right now because boy do I love Eggplant Parmesan.

Sunday we tried not to be as busy. We had a lazy morning then headed to the county fair for a few before lunch. Ella was shockingly brave and wanted to do the tallest blow up slide there was.

Totally worth the $10 wrist band. That and the lemonade I think were the highlight of her day. The lemonade may have been mine as well.

Emma and I got in a nice workout when Ella was napping. I sped walked while she churned away on the elliptical next to me.

Working out

We were so hot we decided we had to jump in the pool. We hung in the lazy river for a few before I went over to the lap pool for a quick 500 meters. It felt really good and baby boy was kicking away with me. I had some good contractions after that, but they were just a teaser.

Not that I’m really trying to naturally induce because though full-term, this baby boy is still not due for a little while longer. It’s all in good fun, but with all these false alarms, I feel like he has plans to stay put for a while. The only thing that made me feel a bit better today was my midwife said she guesses he’ll be here by Friday. Trying not to get my hopes up.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Teaser Weekend

  1. I was wondering if you were still with child! Glad you had a good weekend – it all sounds like a ton of fun. Miles was also in rare form this weekend, choosing not to nap. Toddler revolt is in the works! Good luck in the coming week. I hope you get to meet the wee one soon.

  2. oh wow – you are getting so close! the hardest part is not knowing when baby will come. but it sounds like you’re having fun while waiting. you look great! best wishes

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