Three Things Thursday – Highlights of the Week Edition

It’s Thursday, you know the day before the midwives predicted our little guy would arrive. It’s overcast and cool, the perfect kind of day to bake cookies, hang out in yoga pants and cuddle with the family. Much to my dismay I woke up this morning with contractions too small to justify staying home from the office. Dangit.

I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Then struggled to find anything to wear because it’s all getting tight, stubbed my toe and ran out of foundation. I’m being a big whiner today, so I figured maybe thinking of three things that made my week so far would be beneficial to my mood.

1. Ella requested last night that I hold her like a baby and sing Rock-A- Bye Baby to her before I tucked her in for the night. She never lets me hold her like a baby anymore. It was so sweet and I loved it…all eight times.

2. Having my sister in town has been great, aside from me feeling bad that I’m still at work all day. She’s been making us freezer meals, going through baby clothes and been a great playmate for Ella. Last night we went for a power walk around my neighborhood,just the two of us, and got to talk about all sorts of sister things. We usually only see each other once a year, so this extra time has been really nice.

3. Josh made homemade peach pie and vanilla bean ice cream. No explanation on why this was so amazing needed.

See, I’m feeling a little bit better all ready.

What made your week this week?

One thought on “Three Things Thursday – Highlights of the Week Edition

  1. Save some pie for me! I’m flying in.

    As for No. 1, Miles sort of did the same thing the other day except when I was holding him, he kept playing with my teeth and cut my gums. My mouth still hurts. More than likely because of my failure to regularly trim nails.

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