Ella Meets Anderson

As you all know, I had some serious anxiety about Ella’s acceptance of Anderson and her transition into being one of two kids. It kept me up at night and I read everything I could about how to ease the transition.

Before he was born I bought her a special bracelet and took Ella to pick out a gift for him. Her bracelet was packed in my hospital bag so I wouldn’t forget it. The doggie that Ella  picked out for Anderson was in the special bag she picked out, by the door to grab on her way to the hospital.

When the day finally came I was excited and still a bit nervous. But much to my surprise, she was so excited she could barely do more than squeal. She loved him immediately.

Ella Meets Anderson

She is one proud big sister. She likes to show everyone her baby brother. In the mornings, she can be a bit grumpy, but the minute she hears Anderson, she immediately perks up.

It makes my heart melt.

We’ve had a few rough patches when she wants me while Anderson needs to be fed, but for the most part, it’s been smooth sailing. Phew.

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