The First Two Weeks

Surprisingly, it’s been two weeks since we welcomed Anderson to the world. They have flown by! The past two weeks have been exhausting, slightly overwhelming and wonderful all rolled into one. There has been a lot of this:



Jess holding kids

Lots of cuddles and naps:

A lot of nursing and diaper changes…and pee flying everywhere.

Everyone is adjusting well, even Lucky. Josh took off the first week and a half to help me around the house. He was great about making sure I took  a nap every day. It is amazing how I conveniently forgot that it is exhausting caring for a newborn after sleeping in 1.5-2.5 hour increments the night before.

Ella has been great. We’ve kept her in school for the most part as not to disrupt her routine. That has been really good for all of us. She gets to play and learn with her friends and I get some time to focus on Anderson. She is excited to play with her friends in the morning and runs in the door in the afternoon asking to see mommy and her baby brother.

As for me, I’m feeling good. Aside from being tired and my boobs hurting from engorgement, I’m feeling like myself. I’ve been amazed at how fast my stomach has tried to shrink back to its pre-pregnancy state. Please excuse the hair and bags under my eyes.

Two weeks postpartum

It seems like it was much faster this time which I think was a combination of being in marathon shape when I got pregnant and gaining less weight. I’m anxious to get back to the gym and running but know that just two week is not long enough for my body to recover from being pregnant and giving birth. I think I’ll wait another week or two before venturing to the gym and three weeks to try running.

I have about 10 lbs left to lose to reach my pre-preggo weight but I’m not in a huge hurry. This week I am going to start watching what I eat a little bit more. I am ravenous thanks to Anderson’s very healthy appetite. This has led to me grabbing anything within arms reach which usually are not the healthiest choices. I refuse to diet, but I can limit myself to a cookie or an ice cream sandwich, not both.

I’ve enjoyed every minute of the past two weeks. I’m so happy that I have 10 more to go until I go back  to work!

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