Ready to get going

For the past week and a half we’ve have a multitude of visitors come to town. It started with my stepdad and stepsister who drove, without stopping for sleep, from California to Fort Collins to move my stepsister into the dorms at CSU. While Mike was here, my mother-in-law Nancy arrived. She was nice enough to spend a week cooking, cleaning, baby holding and making one BIG trip to Sam’s Club with me. We also met my sister-in-law and her kiddos at the zoo. Ella was in cousin heaven!

On Wednesday my father-in-law arrived for an extended weekend. Josh got a chance to go golf with him and we all enjoyed a hilarious game of Cranium on their last night in town. Before they left though, my mom arrived. It’s a good thing we had an air mattress handy for the overlapping night they were all here.

My mom left Tuesday morning after a nice long weekend here. Our house is now filled only with the sounds of Anderson grunting, Ella asking for a snack, Josh telling me about the transitions going on at work, and lots of yawns by me. It also means that I have the house to myself during the week. Bonding time with Anderson but also an opportunity to get back on the exercise horse.

I got the ok to start easy workouts from my midwives and boy am I ready. We went on a hike on Labor Day which was a taste of a real workout.

Monday is my kick-off day and I’m super excited about it. Planks, yes. Walking, definitely, though it’s hard to do so outside because it’s 85 degrees by 8:30 am. Possibly a run, but we’ll see. Hopefully Anderson will cooperate with me and take an extended nap or at least hang in his bouncy chair while I work up a sweat.

I have to throw in a picture of my sweet boy. I cannot believe he’s almost a month old!

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