Fall has arrived

The mornings are cool, leaves are starting to change and the sun is setting earlier every day. This weekend we had a very busy schedule of fall festivities.

Friday was Longmont’s annual Oktoberfest. We weren’t sure if they were still going to have it with all the flooding but instead of cancelling it, they moved forward with it making it a fundraiser to assist the flood victims. Josh partook in a stein holding contest:

He was in the top four before his arm gave out. After the contest, it was time for face painting and some snacks.


Of course a beer for mommy too. Luckily Ella didn’t scold me telling me that beer is only for daddy this time.

We listened to some polka music and headed home to get some rest.

Saturday we took it easy in the morning. I slept in a little bit, after being up with Anderson the entire night before. My friend Jill came over and we went for a run around my neighborhood. It was nice to have a running buddy. I cannot find my Garmin, very distressing, so I don’t know pace or anything but we covered 3 miles only having to take one walk break. More on postpartum running this time around to come.

I hurriedly got cleaned up and we went to our last baseball game of the season. It was the perfect September night for America’s pastime.



It was a late night. We got home around 10 pm. We all slept in, even Ella on Sunday morning. After breakfast we were joined by our friends Cassie and Monte, plus their two kiddos, at a local apple orchard. The kids had a good time filling our baskets with apples and feeding cores to the horses an donkeys.



By the time our Sunday evening walk was over, we were all exhausted. It was a great weekend.

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