Postpartum Running – Second Time Around

It was with nervous anticipation of what it would feel like to run for the first time, that I set out on my first postpartum run. Those first few steps were cautious and slow, but felt so good. My legs felt a little wobbly but overall I felt great. I didn’t feel like my uterus was going to fall out of my body which was a relief.

I planned on running for about ten minutes before I took a break. I was feeling so good at 10 minutes, I went for 15. I took a brief walking break, then ran again all the way home. I ran 3 glorious miles.

Since that first run, I’ve done half a dozen more, each one feeling better than the previous. I’ve been averaging three miles with a 9:40-10 min/mile pace. My friend Jill, who I met doing prenatal yoga doing prenatal yoga when I was pregnant with Ella, has been my running buddy. Yesterday we did my longest postpartum run yet, 4.57 miles. We even did a 9:21 min/mile. It’s going to be a while before I’m back to the paces I was hitting pre-pregnancy, but I’m already faster than I was when I started running again after Ella.

It’s really nice to have Jill to hold me accountable. Starting next week, we’re planning on running Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Her husband graciously offered to watch Anderson since he’s far to young to ride in the BOB. Pretty great offer right?

I’m signing up for my first postpartum race, a 5k, which is at the end of the month. I’m looking forward to it. I’m just so excited to be running again!


3 thoughts on “Postpartum Running – Second Time Around

  1. That’s awesome!
    I’ve been running every other day at least but only running about 2 miles, then walking another 2.
    Hopefully I can get up to what you’re doing eventually! Good job!

  2. Yes! You are a rock star. And speedy. I need to amp up my speedwork before you beat me. Anyway, so glad it’s been a positive return.

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