F is for Football

Ella has a new favorite sport…football. It all started when there was a bad thunderstorm one night that scared her. Josh brought her back downstairs from bed to cuddle and watch some football. Since that night, she asks about football all the time. She talks about thunderstorms, or ‘horses running in the sky,’ and how she will need to watch football with daddy the next time they come.

It just so happens that our CSU Rams had a home game on a nice fall afternoon. We headed up to Fort Collins for the afternoon. We met our friends for a little tailgating which was more about food than booze. Oh how times have changed. Ella and her friend loved hanging out together. How cute are these two with their little purses and holding hands?

photo 1

To get some of their energy out, they bounced their little hearts out in the bounce house just outside the stadium.

We made it inside the stadium just in time for the first touchdown and the canon to be shot.

photo 2

Ella loved it almost as much as she loved screaming ‘Go Ra-ams!’ at the top of her lungs. Around half time I took Ella to get some ice cream after a little crash on a stadium chair. We ran into our mascot, CAM the Ram who Ella was super excited to high five. Of course I didn’t have my phone with me with take a picture. I was so bummed.

Anderson slept through most of the game, but did make an appearance for a few pictures.

20130928_143831_resized 20130928_143712_resized

It was a long game, but they actually won which was great! We were all worn out after missing nap time. Ella, Anderson and I all passed out about the time we got out of the parking lot. Too bad the rest of the games are late afternoon games that will likely be too cold to take the kids to, because Ella had a great time!

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