Running…how i love thee

Have I mentioned lately how much I love running? This profession of love comes on the heels of several great runs in a row. Last week I had my fastest postpartum run as well as my longest without a single walk break!

Jill and I have been running on Tuesdays and Thursday which has been great. Anderson sleeps the entire time we’re gone, making John’s job really easy. We try to do 3-4 miles each time, but without even realizing it we hit 5.5 miles last Thursday. We were having such a nice time talking and enjoying the scenery, we didn’t take note of our distance until we hit a stop light on the way back to her house. At that point we saw we’d gone just over 5 miles and had a pace around 9:30. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized that we hadn’t even taken a walk break!

But let me back up to the run that has made me love running again. Last Saturday I decided to head out on a solo run. I haven’t been running with any music but decided that I wanted it this time around. Cranked it up and was on my way. I was totally zoning out but when I hit the 3rd mile I needed to take a brief walk break. I walked for a block or so and then started running again. I finished 4 miles at 8:56 avg pace. That even includes my walk break! I walked in the house with a huge smile on my red face and proudly told Josh how well I did.

Maybe having babies is the key to my being able to run faster. I’m looking forward to increasing pace and distance. I’m a little worried about when I’m going to fit running in when I go back to work, but for now, I’m enjoying every opportunity I have to run. Doesn’t hurt that each run feels better than the one before and I’ve lost a few pounds (more on the later).

Anderson’s two month update is coming. How in the world is he two months old already? Eek.

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