All About Anderson – Two Months

My handsome boy is two months old.

Anderson 1 close up sweet face

He weighs 13 lbs 2 oz and is 22 inches long. Obviously he eats like a champ. He’s officially out of newborn clothes. He can squeeze into them, but they just don’t look very comfortable. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s so strange having two babies on totally opposite ends of the growth chart. I find I’m much less afraid of ‘breaking’ Anderson.

The best thing about this month, the smiles. Around 5.5 weeks, the biggest smile came across Anderson’s sweet face. I can’t remember what I was saying to him as he laid on my legs, but that smile, oh, it just made my heart melt.


I had forgotten how amazing those first smiles are. I swear he already has at least six different smiles. From a sly side smile to the open mouthed, it takes up my whole face smile. I love them all!

He has also started cooing. He’s not super vocal yet, but when he wants to be heard, he makes sure he is. He coos the most in the mornings when we sit and talk about what we’re going to do that day. I think he enjoys planning the day with me. He also loves when Ella sits by him and talks to him about what she did at school.

Thing 1 and 2

I don’t know who enjoys it more, Anderson or Ella.

His favorite part of every day is our walk. He generally sleeps through most of it, but he always smiles when the sun hits his face. We generally walk 3-4 miles every day so that we can enjoy the nice weather before its gone and he can get a little sun on his face.

He is also a big fan of bathing. He enjoys baths more than showers, but either way, he’s into the warm water. Big change from the first few baths he had. He also loves his monkey mat, especially if it’s on top of his play mat. He’s also starting to like tummy time.

tummy time 2 tummy time cuddle

He has figured out how to roll over a few times. Lead with the head, that is the key!

Sleeping is actually going fairly well. We have bad nights here and there (like most of last week), but most nights his first go is about four hours long. After that he’s typically up every 2-3 hours. He sleeps great if he’s in bed with me. I was afraid to co-sleep with Ella, maybe it’s because he’s bigger, or that I know I sleep lightly when he’s in my arms, but we’ve been co-sleeping more and more. He is slowly falling into his own daytime schedule. He naps every 1-2 hours. If he’s up longer than that, he gets overtired and is hard to get down.

He has a sweet demeanor and I just cannot stop kissing his chubby little cheeks. I think he’s going to have nice long lashes like his sister. They are getting longer every day and I swear his eyes are getting bigger too. I think he’s one handsome little guy, just like his daddy.

I’m so glad I have a few more weeks to spend at home with him. I’m just trying to enjoy every single newborn moment with him that I can.

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