Happy Birthday to Josh

Josh was feeling a little meh about his birthday this year. We thought that we should do something to make him feel a little extra special for his birthday. Last week I took Ella to the Dollar Store. I told her she could pick anything she wanted to give to Daddy for his birthday. She had so much fun picking things out to give him. With everything costing only a dollar, I was happy to oblige. Here’s what she picked out in addition to the hats and banner.

Gifts from Ella

Gifts were just a part of the celebration. Anderson and I met Josh for some delicious Thai food for lunch to break up his work day. When we got home it was down to business.

birthday setup Mommy and Anderson

I finished up Josh’s birthday cake and made Moussaka, which he had requested for dinner.

When he got home Ella ran up gave him a huge hug and yelled happy birthday! Immediately he was directed to put on the birthday hat she picked out for him because we were having a birthday party.

Daddy and kids

After dinner we all sang Happy Birthday and ate cake before Josh opened his gifts.

A birthday success!

blowing out candles

Happy 32nd Birthday Lovie!

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