Eerie Erie 5k

I have my first post baby race under my belt and it feels good.

EE finish line

Note my pathetic attempt at a last minute costume…bobby socker.

This morning the four of us went a few miles down the road to Erie for a 5k. Our friends Ryan and Claire were partaking and I thought it a perfect first race. After looking at the results in my age group from last year I even thought there was a slim possibility I may be able to place in the top three for my age group. I wasn’t holding my breath for that one, but it was great motivation.

I picked up my bib and met Josh with the kids.

Josh wearing AJ

family at EE

Anderson needed a quick fix before I lined up at the starting line. It was a pretty small race, I believe less than 300 people for the 5k. I lined up fairly close to the starting line and was ready to run. Of course I started out a bit faster than I planned. I was just so excited to be doing a race!

First mile flew by at a 7:49 pace…ouch. I knew that was not sustainable for my fitness level right now. Last year at this time, definitely, but not right now. I checked in with my body and continued to push as much as I could without burning out completely before I got to the finish line.

Mile two came and went with an 8:12 pace. I notice that some of the people that passed me in the first mile, I was passing in the second which was kind of nice.

Just before I hit the third mile, I started to bonk. I really really wanted to walk, but I could see the finish area. I almost walked but decided to push through. I had slowed down a lot, 8:25, but was still surprised at my pace. I was neck and neck with one girl who just barely beat me to the shoot. I should have pushed her out of the way like I wanted to. Poor thing threw up in the shoot. Pretty gross.

My time: 26:02   Distance: 3.19 miles   Avg. Pace: 8:10 min/mile

Official time: 26:02   Distance: 3.1 miles   Avg. Pace: 8:22 min/mile

A new personal record for me just 11 weeks after having Anderson. I’m really proud of myself!

Ella and I did the Goblin Run before we went inside to hear the age group results.

Goblin run

I was super bummed when I found out that girl in front of me was barely in my age group and that one second was the difference between 3rd and 4th place in the 20-29 division. I still came in fourth place in my age group and 60th overall.

I better get going on that speed work because when I move to the 30 somethings division, I have some speedy women to keep up with!

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