Let’s Talk the First Week

After the first week back at work, my house looks like this…on a good night:

messy house

I look like this:

photo 2

Oh and one or both of my kids is usually down to their diaper within 10 minutes of us walking in the door.

I also have about 80 loads of laundry to do and our fridge has more breastmilk than food inside of it.

What a week it has been. We’re settling into a new normal. I’m not going to lie it’s been a challenge both emotionally and physically. Monday I cried from the moment Josh hugged me goodbye to the minute I parked my car at the office. Once I was there, I only had a few teary moments when talking to a coworker about our two August babies and how hard it is to leave them.

Tuesday was better and Wednesday even smoother. I will not say easy, but I didn’t cry all the way to work. (Only when I first got in the car.) I was surprised at how quickly a new schedule has emerged. Unfortunately this new schedule involves me waking up for the day at 4:30 am (Anderson was excited about it being Friday and decided 3:30 was perfect today). It goes a little like this:

12:30 am – Anderson wakes to nurse.

4:30 am – Milk call #2. As my alarm is set for 5 am, I just get up and start the day. No point in teasing myself with maybe 15 minutes of additional sleep.

5:10 am – Pump for 15-20 minutes so that I can leave a fresh bottle for Josh to give Anderson before he takes the kids to daycare.

5:30ish – Clean up the pump stuff, pack it in my bag, grab my lunch from the fridge, finish getting ready.

5:45 ish – Leave for Work

6:30-6:50 am – Arrive at work.

Throughout my work day I pump every two hours or so. I eat lunch at my desk so that I can leave by 3:15. The earlier I arrive the earlier I leave, which means I get to avoid some of the rush hour traffic that plagues my 42 mile commute.

3:45-4 pm – I arrive at daycare to pick up the kiddos. Most days this week I made it in time to nurse Anderson before he’d typically have his last bottle of the day. It’s nice that we get to cuddle and nurse for a little bit before we go pick up Ella. Once he’s done, we walk down the hall and pick up Big Sister who runs with open arms to me. Of course once she gives me my hug and kisses she’s on Anderson like white on rice. I love it. I love it a lot. Picking up the kids is the highlight of my entire day.

5:15 pm – Dinner is on the table. I’m so glad I made freezer meals before going back because it’s kind of chaotic when we get home. One or both kids is crying, needs a snack or milk and cuddles. I’d rather spend the time with them than cooking anyway.

6:00 pm – Bath, teeth brushing, jammies and stories. Oh and we pick out clothes for the next day. This saves Josh a morning battle with our little fashionista. Funny story, Ella did not like what Josh picked out for Anderson on Wednesday and had a complete meltdown about it. So she now picks out his clothes too.

6:30-6:45 pm – Ella is put into bed. We shifted bed time an hour earlier with the time change. She will stay up for an hour or more once she’s in bed regardless of what time it is, so we have to get her in early in order for her to get enough sleep.

6:45-8ish pm – Anderson is swaddled and nurses until he is out cold.

Once both kids are asleep, I transfer milk from the storage bottles to the glass bottles we use for daycare. Make sure they are labeled and ready to go for Josh in the morning. I also make my breakfast and lunch so that I can just grab them in the morning.

9ish – Pump one last time for my own comfort. It takes eh, about 15 minutes or so. Josh is nice enough to wash all the parts for me so I can get my ass in bed. He knows if momma is grumpy, it’s bad for everyone.

10 pm (at the latest) – I am in bed, asleep within seconds.

The return to work also happened to include me coming down with a nasty cold. Hopefully it will be gone soon because that coupled with little sleep is wrecking me. Next week, as long as our schedule holds, it looks like I’ll have a good hour to exercise in the evenings. Woohoo!

I’m pretty stoked to ‘sleep in’ this weekend, until, you know, to maybe 7.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk the First Week

  1. Your day sounds pretty similar except I don’t have that commute! That must be terrible. I would love to know what freezers meals you made ahead of time and whether you plan to continue making them. Also what quick and easy breakfasts and lunches are you making? I find making those at night is the way to go but dread figuring out what to make.

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