Longmont Turkey Trot 10k

The last thing I wanted to do this morning was go run this race. I woke up at 5, coughing and generally feeling like crap. Both kids also woke up which was, you know, awesome. Luckily Anderson went back down until about 7:30 but Ella was up and ready for the day. By the time the boys were up, I was starting to feel better. My coughing fits were fewer and farther between, but I still didn’t feel great.

Our babysitter arrived a little after 8 am to hang with Anderson. Ella told us the night before she wanted to run with mommy and daddy. We didn’t mind. She was going to get some one on one time with us and our sitter would be able to focus solely on Anderson.

We drove across town to the race, picked up our bibs and lined up for the start. My Garmin is still MIA so I’ve been using RunKeeper on my phone. Of course as we started my phone decided not to recognize my touch. I finally got it started a minute or so after we started running.

Josh decided he was going to run with me as he pushed Ella. He kept asking about what pace I could handle. I know he was just trying to be supportive, but I started to get frustrated with him and told him to stop asking because not only was I sick, but I also hadn’t run a 10k since having Anderson. He stopped asking but always made sure I was either right behind him or slightly in front of him.

The first two miles or so we held a fairly steady 8:30 pace. When we hit the half way point, my chest started burning. I could feel my cold moving down into my chest and it hurt. I tried my best to keep running steady, but it was getting more and more difficult.

Between the fourth and fifth miles I had to walk. It was only a minute or so but I was just feeling awful. Just past the 5.5 mile mark, I had to walk again. Josh and Ella were yelled go mommy, go mommy, but I was hurting. We turned the corner with a little under half a mile to go. I was ready to be done.

When we got to our final turn, I mustered up the energy to sprint (if you can call it that) to the finish line. We were greeted by my friend Jill and her son Jack. Ella and Jack had fun playing together while we all chatted and I tried not to cough all over everyone.

Official time: 55:42     Distance: 6.2 miles      Avg. Pace: 8:58 min/miles

Somehow I pulled off a course personal record and new 10k race record, by all of 20 seconds. I’ll take it.

I did absolutely nothing after we got home. We ate lunch, got both kids down for their naps, and I jumped in the shower before passing out myself for a while. I’ve got to get rid of this cold.

2 thoughts on “Longmont Turkey Trot 10k

  1. Picture perfect racing this weekend, I tell you. You amaze me. A sub-9 pace 10K so soon after having Anderson? Rock star. Even if you didn’t feel like it.

    I hope you feel better soon. Sending well wishes your way.

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