Move That Body

We’re almost through week two of being back at work and our routine is holding. Thought it means utter chaos from the time we get home until both kids are in bed by 7:30pm, it also means there is time for me to exercise. Woohoo! I don’t need to start training for my spring half until February or so, but I would like to start building mileage, endurance and working on my pace. Dropping these last few pounds would be nice too.

I’m still battling my nasty cold and Josh is working swing shift this week, so this has been my planning week. I did a brief Jillian Michaels workout on Monday and Josh got home around 8pm, so I was able to fit in a little over 4 miles on the treadmill at the gym. His schedule is unpredictable this week, so I’m planning on doing another home workout tonight. My plan moving forward is:

Monday – Rest day. Who really wants to workout on a Monday night? Not I.
Tuesday – Run. Eventually this will be an interval workout.
Wednesday – 30 Day Shred or something of the like
Thursday – Run. Eventually this will be a tempo run. Not quite ready for that though.
Friday – Rest day.
Saturday – Run. This is my planned long run day.
Sunday – X-training of some kind. Likely another home workout.

I think this is doable. Of course it won’t always go as planned, but I’d rather have a good grasp on what I’d like to accomplish physically each week, than not.

I’m starting to think about another marathon. My mom wants to do Marine Corps next fall, but I’m kind of thinking about Portland. I’ve heard great things about that race. With two kids and a husband to think about though, I’m hesitant to sign up for anything just yet. We’ll see how these next few months go.

Maybe I’ll make it a goal in 2014 to run some sort of race every month. I tend to get so wrapped up in endurance races, that I forget how fun 5 and 10ks are.

Favorite jeans, I’m coming for you!

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