All About Anderson – Three Months

I think time may be flying even faster than it did with Ella. Somehow Anderson is already a quarter of a year old.




Our big boy is now 14 lbs and 9 oz and 24 inches long. He’s still rocking at his job of growing but it’s starting to slow down slightly. Between starting daycare and his cold, he seems to be eating less. I think it’s a combination of not feeling good and being upset he’s without his milk maid all day during the week.

This month we made our first trip back to Nebraska where Anderson got to meet his Aunt Amber and cousins Hanila, Maya and Ximena. He also got in some QT with Grandma and Grandpa Van Kirk and got to do fun stuff like go to the zoo and pumpkin patch.

We dressed up our chunky monkey for his first Halloween and accompanied his big sister trick-or-treating. He didn’t even seem to mind the costume.


He is generally a very happy boy, unless he’s doing tummy time. He’ll roll over, but he’s not going to be happy about it.

Anderson’s favorite thing remains being talked to. He especially loves when Ella talks to him. He just loves her.

Anderson and ella

He smiles when he sees her and coos at her. It’s so cute.

He’s also really digging sitting in the Bumbo at the table with us when we eat. He just wants to be included, much like Ella did.


He’s discovered his hands and loves to have them in his mouth all the time. This leads to mass amounts of drool everywhere, but a happy boy. He also grasps and swats things now. He’s not really into his feet just yet but just stares at them when he’s in his car seat.

He is sleeping pretty well now, which is nice. In fact, one night last week he slept for 6 hours straight! Unfortunately for me that was 6:30 pm – 12:30 am. I’ll take what I can get. He still sleeps best when he sleeps with me.

Anderson and mommy sleeping

I love the cuddling but I don’t sleep very well when he’s next to me.

He had his first really bad cold this month. We were relieved when it wasn’t an ear infection or RSV. Phew.

I just want to hug and kiss and squeeze this sweet boy all the time.


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