P is for Potty

Almost six months ago now, Ella started to try using the potty. Some days she’d be totally into it, using it up to four times a day. Other days she’d scream if we even asked her if she needed to go. We decided with Anderson coming, we wouldn’t push her to be fully potty trained. I’d been told it was common for previously potty trained kids to regress when a new sibling was born, so we decided it wasn’t worth the effort. It also didn’t help that she struggled to get her pants down by herself.

Well last Saturday morning, Josh fetched Ella from her room after hearing her calls. He was bringing her to our bed for cuddles when he noticed that she was wet. Thinking it was strange, he lifted up her nightgown to discover she’d taken off her diaper. It was pee, all over. Right then we decided that if she was old enough to remove her diaper, then she was old enough to potty train. Oh and we had also promised her that she’d get her big girl bed after she’d climbed out of her crib for the first time on Thursday. We’re crazy…

We cleaned her up, stripped her bed and put her in some big girl underwear. I’m going pause a moment here to say I hate the word panties. I don’t know why but I do. Back to my story. Every 20 minutes we took her to the potty. Some times she went, others she didn’t. When she did go, she got to pick out a small treat from her Halloween bag. She had one accident when she was helping Josh do a little spot cleaning on the carpet, but quickly changed herself into dry pants.

We put her in a diaper for nap-time, which she was not excited about. She was however super excited about sleeping in her newly reconfigured big girl bed. When she woke up, right back into underwear. We continued with our 20 minute intervals, even through a birthday party. That night we put her diaper on for bedtime, which was not without a fight. Of course she waited to have a BM until she had the safety of her diaper. We weren’t surprised though.

The next morning she woke up almost completely dry and was excited to put on her underwear, but not as excited to use the potty. Instead of 20 minutes, we went to the potty every 30 minutes or so. We even made it through the grocery store, an hour long drive, another party, then an hour long drive home. No accidents!

Monday we sent three extra pairs of underwear and two pairs of pants. We thought for sure she’d be distracted with her friends and have an accident. I picked her up, no accidents! When we were sitting at the dinner table and she announced she was pooping, Josh flew out of his chair and ran her to the potty. We took turns sitting in there with her for 45 minutes. She even asked for a diaper, but I assured her that it was ok to poop in the potty. Finally, after about a dozen songs, counting, saying what every letter in the alphabet stands for and talking about what a big girl she is, she did it! She was so excited she ran to Josh yelling that she’d pooped in the potty.

We told her she’d get a big treat for going #2, so she got a small bowl of ice cream with peanut butter cup. Me, I got to clean it out of her little potty which was um, gross. Not sure why it’s so much stinkier when not in a diaper.

The rest of the week went well, with only an accident at school on Wednesday when she pooped. I’m not sure what it is about pooping on the potty that freaks her out, but we’ll figure it out eventually. Most mornings she is waking up almost dry which is great! We’re going to keep her in diapers for nap and bed times until she is consistently waking up dry, but I’d say we’re just about officially day time trained!

Ella in her big girl bed

Such a big girl!

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