I Would Run 500 Miles

When I started running again after having Anderson, I peaked at my DailyMile account to discover I was had about 350 miles logged. This of course made me wonder just how many miles I’d covered in 2012 while training considering this included three months of no running and zero race training. Now, with just a little over a month remaining in the year, I have 51.2 miles to run to hit 500 miles for the year. I am aiming to get it done!

I figured out that in order to hit 500 miles by New Year’s Eve, I have to run about 12 miles per week. After my cold made a vicious comeback early in the week, I only had 4 of my miles completed. I already planned on doing a longer run of 6-8 miles but this meant, I needed to get in eight rather than six.

Once the kiddos were down for naps I was off to the gym. Unfortunately it was just a few degrees too cold for me to run outside. I don’t know how I used to run in teens and twenties. Brr. I don’t know how I ran 14+ mile runs on treadmills during marathon training last year, because ugh, I struggled with the eight I ran. It was nice having a bathroom right there I suppose. I covered my eight miles in about an hour and fifteen minutes. To keep my boredom somewhat at bay I increased my speed every 10 minutes with the exception of the last 10 minutes.

Longest postpartum run to date! I’m thinking about trying nine miles this weekend, but with family in town and Anderson’s baptism, I don’t think it’s likely to happen. With my mileage building up, I’m starting to get really excited for racing season! I’ve already been looking at local races and one a fun Thelma and Louise Half in Moab. I don’t really have to start training for the Colorado Half Marathon until February, but I’m getting anxious. I might start working on my training plan now. I really want to break 1:50 this year.

I’m also getting more serious about the Portland Marathon, though I need to really talk to Josh about it. It seems like a fun, smaller race. Plus the course is supposed to be flat (no more San Fran hills for me) and beautiful. If I want to break 4 hours, I think that’s just what I need.

Before I get ahead of myself though, I have those 51 miles to take down.

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