Thankfulness All Around

Somehow it’s been over two weeks since Thanksgiving and I’m just now posting about it. Eek, what a crazy few weeks it’s been, complete with my first overnight business trip to Orlando. So let’s back this train up to Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving morning we drove to Denver for the kickoff of our family filled weekend. My grandparents and aunt from San Diego flew in and were anxious to meet Anderson. We got some great pictures of the first meeting and of the group together.


thanksgiving fam

great grandparents

Ella of course, was a huge ham and loved impressing our family with her vocab and no stop chatter.

We enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house in Evergreen. Ella loved sitting at the kids table with the big kids.

thanksgiving kids table

I don’t know how Ella does it, but she refuses to sleep in the car. She will not close her eyes no matter how late it is or how quiet the car is. All the way home she chatted us up about the deer outside of my uncle’s house. We got home, got Ella in bed and then Anderson decided he’d been over-served and threw up on me and the couch. But then the best thing happened, Josh found my missing Garmin! It was in the frame of our couch….still fully charged! Being puked on was totally worth it.

Friday morning was rough but we made it back to Denver for some more family time. Anderson and I did a little shopping and munching with my grandma, sister and aunt while Josh and Ella hung with the boys at home.

Josh’s parents arrived in town on Friday. We got to spend a bit of time with them at his sister’s house, where we stayed for the night. Ella absolutely loves playing with her cousins (these are just a few of them).

Ella and cousins

Saturday I went for a very hilly five mile run after taking the kids to say goodbye to my relatives. Josh’s parents came up to our house to spend the night so they’d be on hand bright and early for Anderson’s baptism the next morning.

We were at church at 8:30 am for mass before the baptism. So early. Of course the lady who organizes the baptisms forgot to inform the deacon, so I had to track him down. That was fun. We finally got the show on the road and Anderson is now an official member of the church.

baptism 4

My brother and sister, Ted and Audrey are Anders’ Godparents. They did a great job.

baptism 3

baptism 5

We went back to our house for food and cake afterwards. We change him out of the gown into a more manly, pink shirt and vest. haha. I think he looked quite handsome.

baptism food

baptism 2

Baptism 1

Anderson started getting crabby so he went down for a nap and slept through the entire party which meant I got to eat with two hands.

We were all totally spent by the end of the weekend, but it was a great one!

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