Ella’s First Haircut

Josh had been asking me when we’d get Ella’s haircut for the first time. I kept pushing it off because she’s still a baby. She didn’t need a haircut. Then in the past month or so, her hair started growing like crazy! It’s normally pretty curly, but there were a few random straight strands that were, of course, way longer than the rest of her hair. It was starting to look a big scraggly so I caved and made an appointment at a children’s salon in Boulder.

When I asked Ella if she wanted to get her haircut, this was her response:

When we arrived at the salon and she saw the special chair she got to sit in, she was super excited.

Ella pink chair

A pink car? Yes please. She hopped right in and didn’t even flinch as they started to even out her hair.

Ella's haircut

Ella Haircut mirrorShe absolutely loved the car and didn’t even really notice the haircut. When she was done they took a picture of her and gave us a special certificate with some strands of her hair. It went straight to her baby book. They even did a little hairstyle for her.

Ella's new haircutShe wasn’t as excited about that, but decided she wants to go back. They do little kid mani/pedi packages, so we’ll be going back as a treat to get her toes painted. My little girl is growing up…tear.

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