All About Anderson – Four Months

I cannot get enough of this sweet, chubby little face.

AJ 4 moths 4 AJ 4 months 3 AJ 4 months 2 Aj 4 months

Anderson is officially four months old (almost 4.5…oops)! He is up to 15.5 lbs and is nearly 26 inches in length. He’s still wearing some 0-3 month clothes but is mainly in 3-6 months. It won’t be long before he’s too long for many of the one piece outfits we have for him.

He is such a happy little guy.

AJ reaching AJ Smiling

He rarely cries and just kind of chills. He likes to to part of every conversation and will coo away at you. He also loves mimicking mouth sounds right now.

Last night he was sticking his tongue out at me and blowing raspberries. We both got a kick out of doing it to each other. When he gets really excited he squeals with delight.

His favorite thing to do this month has been to chew on his hands. First he figured out that he had them and would put one in his mouth at a time. Then he realized he could hold them together and get both in at the same time…score!

Aj hands

He’s also gotten really good at grasping things and pulling them towards his mouth. Sofie is a new favorite, especially when she squeaks. This is his…yes, I’m in a pink Bumbo. What are you going to do about it face.

AJ sofie

We’ve been trying to make sure he has plenty of tummy time, which he still doesn’t like, but he does like laying on his play mat.

AJ playmat

He’s even rolled over onto his belly from his back. Once and it was totally accidental because he seemed to startle himself then started crying.

I continue to be amazed at how strong he is. I swear he’s going to be sitting up by himself any day now. His head, neck and back control are amazing. He can contort himself into some pretty interesting positions to see what’s going on around him.

This month he had had his first big holiday with the family where he got to meet one set of his great grandparents:

great grandparents

He also had his baptism:

baptism 6

We had a busy month and I’m so excited for his first Christmas. He even got to meet Santa this month. They hit it off.


I know he won’t ‘get’ Christmas this year, but I’m excited nonetheless.

I swear this first year of his is moving at warp speed!

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