All About Miss Ella – 2.5 Years

I will eventually get to uploading pictures and talking about the holidays and winter exercise, but I want to take a moment to talk about this little lady or as we refer to her in our house, this teenager in training.

Yes, that sweet face is already two and a half years old and has her camera poses down.  If you talk to her though she’ll tell you that she is 16, just like Ariel the mermaid and tell you what she wants at Starbucks – “I’ll take a strawberry (smoothie) Daddy. Thank you.”. Sometimes I do believe she is a teenager trapped in the body of a two year old. She’s opinionated, independent, emotional, a non-stop chatterbox and has already started to try to play mommy and daddy by asking the other parent when one doesn’t give her the response she likes. Clever girl.

Generally she has a very sweet, loving, silly disposition. She often just comes to us and hugs us, saying I love you Mommy/Daddy/Anderson. She’s lets us know when she wants cuddles but is just as quick to tell us that she wants to be left alone or wants privacy. That’s a big new one at our house. Most of the time she wants company when she uses the potty, but more frequently now, she says “I’d like privacy please.” Which you know, is awesome, because sitting in the bathroom when you don’t need to go is so much fun.

It’s been really interesting to watch her affections for others grow. Other than me and Josh, her favorite person in the entire world is Anderson. She LOVES, I mean LOVES him.

Ella kissing AJ

Our biggest problem is that sometimes she wants to hug and kiss him too much which wakes him or might just be a little stronger than we’d prefer. It’s a good thing they aren’t much different in size. She’s still about 24lbs and I think about 34 inches tall. I really need to measure her.

She’s also growing more attached to other family members and friends. She can recall every activity they may have done together in the past several months. Her cousin Alex, who is eight, is the cat’s meow at the moment. Ella cries when we put her to bed after they play together because she misses her. It’s so cute.

She will talk to us about recent events like Thanksgiving mentioning Aunt Kath and her great grandparents. She asks all the time about her grandparents, all of them and when we’re going to visit them next. I love it. I was so lucky to spend a ton of time with grandparents on both sides of my family growing up. Many of my best memories are with them and I want the same for Ella and Anderson.

After a week in the mountains with my mom, stepdad, brother and sister, she really developed a better relationship with all of them. She was very specific about who she’d want for what. For example, my brother Riley was designated builder for a castle for her pigs (we’ll get to that one) and Emma the designated tickler. She seems to do this with most people in her life, even me and Josh.

Other favorites: pink.

Oh boy, everything has to be pink. Which leads to the pigs. She loves pigs. You know why? They are pink. If they made pink broccoli, meat, oatmeal, etc. I think she would actually eat it. On any given day, she’s wearing at least one pink item, if not clothed from head to toe, socks and underwear included. I don’t know where this obsession has come from, but we’re riding it out trying to make other colors just as exciting.

The word mine. That’s big. When I take Anderson in the room to pick Ella up at school she tells her friends that he is HER brother and not to touch him. Josh is HER daddy and I am HER mommy. If she seems something she likes around the house, it’s automatically hers. We have to remind her that we share and though she does have things that are only hers, we also have lots of things that we share as a family.

Reading, coloring, and singing are also favorites. Often she’ll read books to us or Anderson instead of us reading them to her, though we still read at least three books every day. If she’s not already engaged in another activity, she’s coloring. She focuses so intensely on what she’s coloring. It’s pretty interesting to watch her pick various colors and decide what she wants to use it on. She takes a music class every Friday which has really made her musical lately. Excuse the poor quality of this video, but this is her practicing for her holiday program at school.

Wow, this is getting long. If I had to sum her up at this age in just a few phrases, they’d be she is talkative, dramatic, loving, a snacker, not meal eater and amazes us every day.

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