Motivation Week – Go!

For Christmas I gave myself the gift of being back at my pre-pregnancy weight. My skinny jeans zipped right up and I only had slight muffin top thanks to my extra skin that is hanging around. Then I spent a week in the mountains eating. Of course most actual meals were healthy but it was these:

Plus cupcakes from our new cupcake store in town, biscuits, the homemade cinnamon rolls I whipped up to go with our chili and the hot chocolate after being out in the cold that did me no service. Sure there was exercise in the form of skiing, pulling Ella around in a tube, a little kettle bell and deck of pain action, and the pathetic attempt at a snowy/icy mountain run I did, but not enough to make up for the huge influx in sugar-laden crap I ate. I did enjoy every bite though knowing that I would never indulge in such a fashion on a regular basis.

Well, we’re back to reality and back to about five pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. Yep, five solid pounds. This week was the start of my new motivation and attitude. I’m not going to call it a resolution, because come on, that just lends itself to immediate failure. It’s me getting back to my old, healthy exercise and eating habits (daily piece of candy or four at the office excluded from the healthy list). It’s also more about feeling comfortable in my clothes rather than the number on the scale.

Here’s what’s been going on this week:

Monday – 4.77 mile run
Tuesday –Jillian Michael’s Shred It with Weights
Wednesday – 5.16 mile run
Thursday – Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones (ok so this isn’t done but it will be.)
Friday – Planned rest

This weekend I plan another longer run. I’m hoping we’ll have enough of the snow and ice melted off that I can do it outside. I need to get back out there to see where I’m at when I’m not on a steady paced treadmill.

I’m feeling good and though I’m tired thanks to two sick kiddos, I’m already experiencing more energy. Of course, that could be way more mental than physical. I also started working on my training plan for the Colorado Half Marathon last night. I’m gunning for that sub-1:50 half so I’m making my plan a little longer than it normally would be to get in lots of good speed workouts. I’m really excited to start training again. I’ll be doing three runs per week (Tempo/Interval/Long), cross-training at least two days a week and allotting myself 1-2 rest days.

So Happy New Year to me. May this be the start of really feeling (and looking) like my old self again.

Did you do anything to get yourself motivated to start or keep up your healthy habits in the New Year?

One thought on “Motivation Week – Go!

  1. I want those doughnuts! I was hoping to eat them in the PNW but I was in the wrong spot. Probably better for my butt. Meh.

    I am excited to watch/read your training. I’m considering the RLRF approach (have the book on hold). You are awesome. wait. I need to think of something more thoughtful. Gah.

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