Ladies About Town

I knew after Anderson was born, my relationship with Ella would change a bit. I would have fewer moments that I’d be able to focus solely on her. This was heart-wrenching for me as I imagined her feeling sad and ignored. In order to combat this, I decided we’d have to mommy-daughter time, just the two of us.

Now that Anderson is spreading out his feedings for up to three hours at a time and I’m more comfortable leaving him for short periods on the weekends, we’re regularly getting our little ‘dates’ in.

Last weekend it was grocery shopping that she wanted to do with me. She loved filling her own cart, which I had to watch very carefully because she happily grabbed anything colorful that caught her eye.

photo 1

Then off to our local cheese store, which is amazing. While we were waiting for a basket to be made, we popped into the cafe for a cookie and some pumpkin bread.

photo 2

This weekend it was off to the library. Ella had been asking to go and play on their computers since we went about a month ago. It was a perfect morning for the library. I managed to get her hair into a ponytail while she filled her purse and found her sunglasses. Who can go to the library before properly accessorizing? ha.

photo 5

We started, of course, at the computers. She didn’t know quite what she was doing, but loved wearing the headphone and clicking the mouse anyway.

photo 1 (2)

We were on the computers when her friend from school arrived with his mom. We always seem to see a friend at the library. The two of them picked out books together before Ella was distracted by the Lego table.

photo 2 (2)

One more stop to color before we checked out a huge stack of books.

photo 3

photo 4

Sunday she got to go swimming with Josh while Anderson and I walked with my friend Claire. I think she had a great weekend and enjoyed the one-on-one time with both of us.

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