Evening Exercising – The Good, the Bad and the Sometimes Ugly

I’ve always been an evening exerciser. Even when I didn’t have to be at work (I supposed I still don’t HAVE to be) by 6:30ish am, getting up early to exercise was not my thing. Aside from a few crack of dawn runs while training for a marathon, I’d rather sleep in and exercise later. These days it’s about the only time I can fit it in aside from weekends.

As I said, I get to work about 6:30 every morning. This means I get up at 4:30 to get myself showered, ready, pump, gather everything I can to prep for Josh getting out the door with both kids by himself and commute down to my office in Denver. Obviously I’m not going to get up any earlier. That would just be obscene.

The Good

The best thing about exercising at night is that I’m not missing any time with the kids and minimal time with Josh. I am usually home with the kids by 4:30 at the latest, barring late meetings or miscellaneous errand running. After dinner we start the bedtime routine and both kids are in bed by 7:30 – Anderson asleep, Ella piddling around in her room most of the time. This gives me about two hours to exercise free from the guilt of neglecting my family.

The Bad

Sometimes this late evening exercising totally amps me up. Last night for instance, I ran a 10k+. I finished running at 9pm. I came home, made my lunch, placed my rental order from Rent the Runway for an upcoming gala we’re going to (why wasn’t this around when I was in high school and college?), and pumped. By the time all of that was done, it was 10:15 or so, way late for me during the week. Ok, even on the weekends. I got into bed where Josh was snoozing away. I was wide awake at 11pm. I just could not fall asleep. I stretched a little bit, drank some water and finally fell asleep around 11:30 or so.

The other issue that I have some nights is that either I’m just exhausted and don’t feel like I want to/can manage the energy to exercise. There are also nights when one or both kids just don’t want to go to bed which cuts into or totally eliminates my opportunity.

The Sometimes Ugly

Last night I should have known today was going to be a wreck. Anderson woke up at 12am. Remember how I said I feel asleep at 11:30? I brought him into bed with me, nursed him and we fell back to sleep. I woke up again about 2 and transferred him into the bassinet. Hello 2:30 am, not so nice to see you. Anderson has started screeching and ‘talking’ aka just making sounds constantly as if he’s actually having a conversation. He was super excited that it was nearly 3 am. He was screeching away happily conversing with the little animals that hang from the hood of the bassinet.

I got up, cuddled him, talked to him a little bit, rocked him, nursed him…nothing would get him back to sleep. I gave up about 3:15 and brought him into the bathroom with me while I showered. My alarm was going to be going off in just over an hour anyway. There are some times it’s just better to forgo the sleep. At least he was in a great mood! I’m actually in a good mood too…I can still feel the tingles of my good run last night.

Well, it’s 5 am now and I’m going on about three hours of sleep. Anderson is back to sleep. He’s dressed, had two diaper changes, a nebulizer treatment and lots of love and attention. I’m ready to head out the door. My last meeting is scheduled to end at 2pm at which time I’m planning on leaving because mama is going to need a nap before I pick up the kids.

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