A Ski Date

Dates. What are those again? We’ve almost forgotten around here. One of the things we said we’d do when we were parents was have a date night at least once a month. Then reality set in. Between my desire to spend as much time with the babies when I wasn’t working and limited babysitting options, months flew by without a single date night. We suddenly spent more time being mommy and daddy and less time being Jess and Josh.

Case in point, Josh and I had our first date night since Anderson was born while we were up in the mountains over Christmas. Yep he was nearly five months old already (so behind on his update). Our last date night before that….six months prior.

This year it’s going to be different. At least we’re trying to make it different. Last week Josh suggested that we take advantage of the MLK holiday by dropping the kids off at daycare and heading to the mountains for the day. I momentarily felt guilty but realized that me and Josh being happy is good for the kids. How could spending a day together not be great for everyone?

Yesterday morning we packed ourselves and the kids up, got them settled at daycare by a bit after 7am and set off to Winter Park. We were amazed at the lack of traffic as we cruised right up. We arrived, put on our gear, picked up our season passes (thanks again Amber!) and were on the lift by 10.

It was a perfect day to ski. It was sunny, tiny breeze up on the top of the mountain and warm.


We did a handful or so of runs before it was lunch time and time to pump. We happily sat across from each other laughing and talking, free from distractions other than the sound of my pump (Of course after I had pumped at the table while we ate in the food court, I discovered a hidden Mother’s Room down in the back of the restrooms in the basement.)

We packed back up and headed up for a few more runs.


We planned to be at the car about 2:15 to leave to get the kids, but at 1:50 we found ourselves at the top of the mountain surrounded by runs that did not go to the bottom. Unfortunately for us we had to look at this horrible view as we tried to figure out how to get to the runs we needed to go down.

Winter park

We took one more lift and got to a run that would take us down. We ran a little bit later than planned but still made it to daycare to pick up the kids before dinner time.

The day was just what we needed – a day just to be Jess and Josh again. It was so much fun! I can’t wait until this weekend when we get to get all dressed up for a hospital gala. Two dates in one week…awesome!

What are you favorite dates?

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