All About Anderson – Five Months

Anderson James is five months old! Ok so I’m terribly behind and he’s more like 5.5 months old.

5m2 5m1 smile 1

At that point he weighted 17.4lbs and was about 26 inches long. He’s my little tank. I’m amazed that he is now about the same size Ella was at one year. Can we take a moment to appreciate these chunky little thighs? I just love them!

5m3 chub

These pictures do not do his demeanor justice. He is quick with a smile and squeal of joy. He recognizes us when we walk in the room and gives us big, drooly smiles.

This month has been all about making sounds. Anderson has discovered his voice and loves to use it around 2-3 am. He coos and screeches with glee. That is until I get out the video camera to capture it. Then he goes silent. Maybe I need to keep it handy for the middle of the night.

I did capture this gem just a few minutes after Ella made him belly laugh for the very first time. It was so sweet.

He also started rolling from back to belly and using his arms and legs to twist himself around to get things just out of his reach. Speaking of his reach, he is all about grabbing. My face, toys, hair, food, plates. We have to be very careful about what is within his tiny, but very strong grasp.


He sat up by himself for the first time and is now sitting for several minutes all by himself!

We also had several firsts including first Christmas:

family xmas morning christmas2 christmas1

First snow and first time sledding:

first snow sledding

He’s getting to such a fun age. We can see the wheels turning in his head as he takes in the world around him. He’s so easy going. People constantly ask if he ever cries. Of course he does, but it’s fairly rare that he gets really upset. We really lucked out!

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