Three Things Thursday – Busy Edition

I feel like I’ve been extremely busy lately. Of course it’s all relative. Who isn’t busy these days? We’ve been a whirlwind of activity the past few weeks and my exercise and diet have suffered for it. I’ve had some great fun though. So today, my top three things (other than the kiddos) that have kept me busy over the past week.

  1. Two words…Justin Timberlake. Um, yes please and thank you for the amazing show! I went to see JT last week with my friend Claire and her friend Jaime.

It was an amazing show and worth every penny.

Displaying photo 2.JPG

Displaying photo 2.JPG

He worked that stage for just shy of three hours. I’m so happy I finally got to see him after longing to do so since the *NSYNC days. I was not so excited when my alarm for work went off just three hours after I had gotten into bed. As soon as the kids were in bed on Thursday, I was out too!

2. Date night! Josh and I got all dressed up to attend a gala for one of my company’s hospital customers. 

I rented the dress from Rent the Runway. No sense in buying a dress that I’ll likely never wear again. It didn’t quite photograph in the most flattering way, but I felt pretty all dolled up. I totally wish this service was available in high school and college! I’m planning on using it for all formal events from now on.

3.  Work. This one isn’t as fun. Since the start of the New Year work has been crazy. Definitely in a good way, but man. Starting Sunday evening, I was at a sales conference here in town. It meant early mornings and late nights. It was nice to see my colleagues that work remotely, but left me exhausted.

silly work selfie

Yes, we actually used this selfie (purposefully taken in the bathroom) in our product management and marketing presentation. Who doesn’t need something to lighten the mood after 8-10 hour days? 

I’m looking forward to the weekend! I’m planning a long run, we’re having friends up for dinner and we’re going to a Super Bowl party. What’s keeping you busy this week?

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