Super Sunday

Super. It was a super Sunday in Colorado this week. The Super Bowl excitement was in full swing and I had a long run planned. It was going to be a great day, I knew it when I went to bed on Saturday night.

About that…

Ella woke up screaming about having a bad dream at about 5am. Josh got her to quiet back down as Anderson had just woken up about 15 minutes earlier and was eating. She started screaming again about a half hour later. Being it was the weekend, I was really trying to get to sleep in until at least 7. I picked Ella and her blanket up and we tucked ourselves into the bed in the guest room. For about a half hour so she laid with me before telling me she need to pee and wanted waffles. You just can refuse when a two year old says that.

We ate our breakfast together, ran out in snow boots as fast as we could to collect the paper from the driveway without slipping and colored a big picture from her Sesame Street coloring book before the boys woke up. I was dragging by the time I was ready to go do the long run I’d been looking forward to all week, knowing it was going to be inside because it was too snowy and icy outside.

I forced myself out the door and by my third mile I was feeling great! When the treadmill cut me off at the hour mark, I had already covered almost 6.5 miles. I ate some fruit snacks, drank my Nuuns and started it up for a few more miles. By 1:30 I’d covered 10 miles at around a 9:30 pace. It’s nice to know that endurance should not going to be a problem for the half in May, especially if I can go 10 miles on one pack of fruit snacks. I do need to work on speed if I’m going to get my sub 1:50.

With a run under my belt I was excited to go to the Annual Gilbert Super Bowl Party.

Anderson Super Bowl

Jess and Anderson Josh and Anderson SB

Unfortunately we ended up having to laugh at the comedy of errors that was the Broncos game. At least we got to eat good food…and eat I did. Ella had fun playing with the kids and liked watching a movie rather than the game. Can’t blame her.

We had a great time and maybe, just maybe the Broncos can do it again, with a win, next year.

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