Colorado Marathon Training Plan

It’s training time! I’m so excited to have a plan in place. I am much better at holding myself accountable when I have a plan to refer to and you all to keep me to it. Like any training cycle adjustments may be made for travel, illness, etc. but I am going to do my best to adhere to it.

When developing this plan I knew that I wanted to stick with running just three days each week. I found this very successful when training for the Nike Women’s Marathon and the other races I did in 2012. I looked back at my training plans from the Platte River Half and Nike to see what I was running when.  Both of those plans I based off the Runner’s World Less is More Plan. The unusual thing this time is that I’m already comfortably running 10 miles at the beginning of training.

With a solid base to start with, I decided that I wanted to run further than the half distance, up to 16 miles. This was for a few reasons one of which is that I’m still mildly considering doing a late summer/early fall full. Running up to 16 miles would put me in a great place to continue training if I decided I wanted to do a marathon.

In addition to endurance, I’m going to be working on speed again. In order to run a sub 1:50 half I need to have an average pace of 8:24. Using the McMillan Calculator I figured out what paces I need to run at during speed interval and tempo runs. I’m only slightly intimidated by the following:

400m: 1:44 – 1:50
600m: 2:40 – 2:48
800m: 3:37 – 3:48
1200m: 5:36 – 5:57
1600m: 7:48 – 7:58

Tempo Run: 8:10 – 8:27

I did my first interval workout on Tuesday and tempo run on Thursday. I’m a glutton for punishment I suppose. So, here is my plan. (It’s small but if you click on it, it will enlarge.)

Co Training Plan

Please note that I am not a certified running coach or expert, this is just what has worked for me in the past. As you’ll notice my top mileage is 23 miles. Unless marathon training, I typically don’t run more than 25 miles/week. My body is happier when I stick closer to the 20 mpw mark. I was careful not to increase overall mileage by more than 10% each week and take a number of step back weeks where my long run is shorter, giving my body a break.

I also have a shorter tamper. I’ve found that I feel more ready for race day if it hasn’t been three weeks since my longest run, two weeks works better for me. I may reduce that last run before the race to 7 miles rather than 9, but we’ll see. Some of this is also dependent on whether or not I decide to do a marathon. If I do not, then I’ll likely reduce long run mileage and up my during the week mileage slightly. Cross-training activities will vary week to week, but I’ll let you know what I’ve been up to.

3 thoughts on “Colorado Marathon Training Plan

  1. Thanks for sharing your plan! Those speeds do look daunting, but its awesome that you can already comfortably run 10 miles. I look forward to seeing your progress and sharing in your excitement when you break 1:50. Good luck!

  2. You are so rad! And I’m glad you shared this so I can steal it for the fall.

    I am excited to read about your training for this though it may make you too fast to run with me in July when I’m in Colorado. (Tentative dates July 19-25)

  3. I have no doubt you’ll break 1:50, your plan looks good and very doable with small children. I used to run 3-4 fast days a week when my kids were little. Contact me through dailymile if you would like to meet for a run! 😀

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